Bob the Baker Boy Bakes Beauty

Janiqueel sees how Bob the Baker Boy (BBB) became a popular local favourite for cakes with a difference.

Cakes in the 21st Century can no longer just taste good, they have to look GREAT as well!

Fong May Ee, founder of Bob the Baker Boy

There is no Bob. He’s a myth, a persona, a symbol, but he proudly lends his name to a Singaporean cake enterprise that would, if he were real, make him proud. In fact, I think he would say it’s a sweet gig. Not too sweet, though. That’s the open secret to BBB’s success. The cakes are sugary, of course, but much less sugary than traditional cakes. For those who feel that there is simply too much sweetness in foods of all kinds, but especially in dessert specialties like cakes.

May Ee explains, “…for a regular 8” cake, a regular customised cake would use double the amount of sugar than ours. We also keep our fillings hand cooked and light so we can control the amount of sugar in it.” That’s a big difference and an important one. For anyone, but especially little kids, sugar hits hard, especially at birthday party-like events. It’s the “sugar high” that you hear folks talking about. It makes people (kids or adults) jumpy with less than normal focus. Cutting back on the sugar used in preparation is the first step. Bob the Baker Boy understood this and made it a hallmark of their products.

What they haven’t cut back on, though, is the extravagant uniqueness of their cakes. Just for starters, the “Standard Cakes” and “Mini Cakes”  have names like “ Cookies and Cream Overload Cake”, “Ondeh Ondeh Cake”, “Pastel Pink and Teal Abstract Cake with Gold Leaves”, and “Classy Gold Rimmed Cake with Gold Feathers” to name a few. See what I mean – NOT your average cake collection.

If those tempting treats don’t meet your wishes for a really special occasion, you can customize. “Lottery Ticket Longevity Cake with Mahjong Tiles”, “Baccarat Table Cake with Casino Chips”, and “Burgundy Floral Swirl Cake with Thyme” are just a few of the concepts BBB has come up with. For the big beer fan, Bob the Baker has the “Defying Gravity Floating Beer Can Cake”. A beer can seems to float in mid-air atop a stream of foam pouring into a bubbly bed of foam. Attention-grabbing at your party? Oh, my goodness, YES! Beer and cake – a combination made NOT in heaven but in the kitchens of Bob the Baker. These cakes look too precious to handle and transport. Not to worry, they have a stable structure BBB explains.

They are edible works of art. Eat and enjoy, but be sure to TAKE A PICTURE FIRST!

Bob the Baker Boy Mini Tarts

“Yeah, I managed to do it!” May Ee proclaimed. She was talking about how, through painstaking trial and error, she was able to produce a foundation for the sculptures (works of art, remember?) that the cakes became. Given the fact that these foundations contain less sticky sugar than other cakes, this was not an easy task. Don’t try it yourself – CALL BOB the BAKER BOY! 

You won’t be sorry you did.

For more information, head over to Bob the Baker Boy.

Research and writing help from JKJ

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