Exclusive invitation for True Yoga members to discover the new fragrance, Omnia India Garnet with a fragrance wellness yoga workshop. 
Melissa is sharing with us Bvlgari Omnia Fragrance.

We played a short game. In groups of 3, each group is to identify the fragrance after she described it. My plus 1, Anca, and her group won the game and they each brought home a Bvlgari prize! 🙂 Good for them! I was not in the same group with her as I was late. It’s alright I will probably get a full retail size Bvlgari parfume. HAHA!

The yoga instructor is hilarious! The way he described some yoga moves makes me want to ROFL. 🙂 I look forward to attending more of his yoga classes.
A great stretch before pinkdot!

Photos credit JJ Ho.
For more information and class schedule, check out True Yoga.

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