Feet Haven is indeed heaven

Feet Haven is a cosy sanctuary at the corner of Maju Avenue. As I stepped in, I was served drinks and some snacks by sweet Alice. After knowing I have not had lunch, she offered to grab me lunch from nearby hawker place. Too nice. Thank you!
I was so relaxed!

Andy, my masseur, simply after touching my calves, he could tell I walked a lot because it is tough and strong. I told him I just wore 6″ heels at Domino’s Party last night. So my feet, ankle, calf, knee joint, hips and lower back hurts. See what women put themselves through. Abusive.

As I love to wear sky high heels, my lower back is affected and sore. Furthermore, I attended BodyCombat class in the morning before massage at Feet Haven. My shoulder and back were tight and aching. Andy also relieved the tension on these problem areas. A lot of groaning and cracking sounds were going on in the massage room. For those who have sport injures, Andy is the man to go to. 😉
I usually do an hour foot reflexology and two hours full body massage once a week. This may sound like some rich tai tai in action – enjoying life. I see it as a full rejuvenation and self-pamper. My job requires me to be on the feet and computer a lot. I carry a pair of slippers everywhere I go and only change to heels right outside the event door. Practical much.
I am conscious about stressing my feet, legs and body too much. I take good care of myself. If I don’t, who will?
The way I sit beside Alice seem like I am her daughter. 🙂
Feet Haven
4A Maju Avenue
Singapore 556682
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