By MEETH, Ceraderma Essence -- a Luxury Serum for the Ultimate Hydrating, Youth-enhancing, Ultra-Smoothing Key to RADIANCE

You’re never too old to become younger. – 

Mae West

In the skincare world, there is no shortage of serums available for your discriminating selection. Knowing that your skin is the greeting you give the world is even more vital now that (fingers crossed) restrictions are easing and work and play from home is gradually being replaced by work and play in the real world after a long, long wait. Not for the faint of heart, Meeth Caerma Essence is a luxury serum. When you see the price, you’ll realize that. From Japan, the innovative technology formulation.

In line with Meeth’s overarching philosophy of “less is more”, this serum combines gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients with cutting-edge Japanese skincare technology. Containing a delicate mixture of floral and plant extracts such as chamomile, bodaiju, yagurumagiku flower, tokinsenka flower extracts, the Ceraderma Essence soothes and replenishes dry skin with nature’s nourishing ingredients.

Many of the ingredients are hydrating elements. The eponymous ceramides are fats that naturally occur in the upper layer of our skin. Providing a barrier against impurities and the drying effect of sun, wind, and pollution. As we age, ceramides lose some of their effectiveness, that’s why serums, like Meeth Ceraderma Essence, fortify the power of the barrier. With a few applications, your skin will regain its glow and suppleness. 

Combing ceramides with an array of scientifically chosen ingredients is the key to the luxury feel. After using toner and/or lotion, a few drops of Ceraderma Essence in the morning and evening will soon evince the soothing power of the serum. Light and creamy without the viscosity of many sera, Ceraderma is quickly absorbed leaving no oily tactile traces. 

The Ceraderma Essence addresses a wide range of skin concerns, including dry, dull and problematic skin. As a minimalistic luxury Japanese skincare brand with a focus on sustainable and recyclable packaging, Meeth’s Ceraderma Essence comes with a choice to purchase only the refill when you have enjoyed the first experience.

Meeth has arrived in Singapore just in time to welcome a brand new day with a brand new inner dynamic. Put your best face forward to greet the new paradigm. With a positive attitude, a smile, a feel-good glow, you are on the way. Add the very best of hydration, and regenerative ingredients, and greet the new dawn.

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