Cavalia raises the world’s largest touring tent in Singapore for August 12 Premiere

Two weeks of shows added due to high demand!
The largest touring tent in the world is now erected on Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands in preparation for the Asian Premiere of the multi-disciplinary theatrical production Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse. Starting today, a team of 80 people will work on-site to build and complete the impressive Cavalia Village – home of the equestrian spectacular created in Canada by Normand Latourelle, co-founder of Cirque du Soleil. Cavalia is set to open August 12 in Singapore. Due to strong ticket sales, the producers of Cavalia are delighted to add two weeks of shows to the season. Matinee and evening performances are now scheduled through September 14.
With fairytale spires towering 10-storey high, Cavalia’s White Theatre Tent spans more than 2,440-square-metres and accommodates a colossal 50-metre-wide stage, behind which a constantly changing digital background is projected onto a 60-metre-wide screen, drawing spectators into dream-like virtual environments. The audience faces a gigantic stage area that provides horses room to gallop at full speed, at times running completely free, unfettered by bridles or halters, allowing the equine stars to express themselves in all their grace, strength and beauty. Horses need to have enough space to display both their elegance and speed, eliminating from consideration a stage-in-the-round. Cavalia is a veritable revolution in live entertainment, incorporating the power and magnificence of the horses in a multi-media production that both captures the imagination and propels the centuries’-old tradition of equestrian arts into the 21st Century, where performers bring their gentle and magical way with horses to the heart and soul of each and every show.
In the coming days, the crew will begin putting together the different components inside the White Theatre Tent and will build a true theater. 2,500 tons of sand and earth will be used (100 truckloads) to create the stage. As the inside of the White Theatre Tent begins to take shape, crews are setting up five other tents on site, including the stables, a warm-up and artistic tent, the VIP Rendez-Vous tent, the general entrance tent and the staff cafeteria. Workers will also build paddocks next to the stable tent where the horses will have daily turn out once they arrive in their new home, early next month.
Over the past decade, Cavalia’s White Theatre Tent has graced the skylines of the largest North American, European, Australian and Middle Eastern cities. Weighing more than 50 tons, the White Theatre Tent has more than 6,630-square-metres of canvas and seven trailers are required to transport it.
Enjoyed by over 4 million spectators worldwide, Cavalia is a unique and lavish production involving 50 magnificent horses and featuring 42 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers and musicians from all over the world. A show unlike any other, Cavalia celebrates the relationship between humans and horses, virtually reinventing the equestrian arts. Cavalia’s epic adventure is a harmonious celebration of beauty and nature, encompassing imagery that whisks the spectator’s imagination around the earth, over land and sea by displaying a vast array of equestrian and performing arts.
Cavalia is presented in Singapore by Mediacorp Vizpro International and BASE Entertainment Asia. Cavalia’s presenting sponsor is Fuji Xerox, supporting sponsor Standard Chartered Bank. The official partner is Marina Bay Sands and media partners include: Official TV station Channel 5; Supporting TV station Channel 8; Official radio station Class 95; Supported by MeClub and Official outdoor media is Moove Media.
TICKETS – For its exclusive season in Singapore, Cavalia will be presented under its signature White Theatre Tent at Bayfront Avenue, beside Marina Bays Sands. Tickets are priced from S$58 to S$188+ service fees. Standard Chartered credit cardholders get a 10% discount on all ticket tiers. For guests who desire an extraordinary outing, the show can be customized for an extended experience from S$208 to S$288, including a Horse Lovers Package that lets patrons tour Cavalia’s stables after the show, and the VIP Rendez-Vous Package that includes a post-show tour of the stables, a cocktail/dinner reception and much more.
For Calendar Editors:
WHAT: Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Man and Horse
WHEN: Premieres August 12
Matinee and Evening performances scheduled through September14
WHERE: Under the White Theatre Tent, at Bayfront Avenue beside Marina Bay Sands TICKETS: Available at or by calling +65 31586735 OrateverySistic outlets online by calling +65 6688 8826 S$58 to S$288 + applicable fees. 
White Theatre Tent
The White Theatre Tent was created in Canada by Cavalia founder Normand Latourelle, along with set designer Marc Labelle and director Érick Villeneuve. It was designed by an engineering firm in New York and manufactured by Italians, masters in the art of creating canvas structures. The entire process from conception to completion lasted 11 months, including the five months that it took just to produce the tent itself. Overall, sixty people were involved in the creative process.
The starting point was to create a stage that was larger than life, one that would be big enough to accommodate four-legged artists, who need 10 times more space than acrobats. Also, horses had to have enough space to display both their elegance and speed, eliminating from consideration a stage-in-the-round.
* Cavalia’s White Theatre Tent is the largest touring tent in the world.
* It is 35 meters high – the height of a 10-storey building – and spans 2,440-square-metres.
* The canvas weighs 5.5 tons and spans 6,630-square-metres.
* Seven trucks are required to transport the tent. A total of 100 trucks are required to transport everything needed to set up the Cavalia Village – its tents, equipment and other materials.
* It takes a crew of 50 people to set up the White Theatre Tent in Singapore.
* An additional team of 80 people is required to ready the site after the White Theatre Tent is raised, mainly to install the technical equipment required for the performance (projectors, lighting, speakers, controls, etc.).
* Laid end to end, the total length of canvas roll used to create the six tents of the Cavalia Village would stretch more than 4 kilometers.
The Space
* The White Theatre Tent seats 2,004 people, theatre-style – everyone faces the stage.
* The stage is 50 meters wide – equivalent to that of an Olympic-size swimming pool – and 20 meters deep.
* The stage also includes a 60 meter-wide screen on which images are projected to create virtual backgrounds.

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