Getting close and cosy with Alex Goot and Against The Current

Q1: Let’s start with the name of your band, why did you guys decide to call yourself Against the Current?
A1: It really just came from the book the Great Gatsby actually. The last line of the book reads “So we beat on like boats against the current…” The three of us as individuals and as a band have always found ourselves going against the norm and doing what we love regardless of what is cool or popular.
Q2: Be honest – how often do you Google yourself?
A2: Actually not that often. Normally the only time I do is if I’m with friends and they’re Googling me, and usually making fun of me too! 
Q3: What goes through your head right before you go out on stage?
A3: When the music starts right before I walk out I just take a few breaths and like to imagine that every time I exhale I’m breathing out all of the stress and negativity from the day and just opening myself up to really get into the songs and have an amazing night with the crowd.
Q4: What’s the most nerve-wreaking thing about performing?
A4: Just the idea of being totally open and vulnerable in front of so many people. All of our songs come from our hearts and from real experience. So to me when I’m singing it feels like I’m reading my journal in front of everyone.  
Q5: What is one weird/odd habit that no one knows?
A5: Dan is pretty much addicted to hairspray, he takes forever to do his hair every day. 
Q6: I am sure you would face harassment every now and then, which is the funniest encounter? 
A6: I think the funniest encounters are when fans come up to us and poke us and are surprised that we are real people. They think we’re just on their computer screens and when they actually meet us they can’t believe we’re real!

Alex Goot and Against the Current

Date: 21 Aug 2014
Venue: SCAPE The Ground Theatre
Doors Open: 7pm
VIP (incl Meet & Greet): $108*  – SOLD OUT
Early Bird: $68*  – SOLD OUT
Standard: $78*
At The Door: $98*
Free Standing
*Inclusive of ticketing fee. All prices in Singapore dollars.
Tickets on sale now.
Short link:
Retail Outlets (Standard Tickets available ONLY):
1) Inokii – Far East Plaza #03-30
2) ThOh Music School (Simei MRT) – Simei Street 3, #01-08
3) ThOh Music School (Katong Shopping Ctr) – 865 Mountbatten Road, B1-35/36

Alex Goot and Against The Current Southeast Asia Tour Announcement:

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