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Chocz. began as a retail concept selling gourmet chocolates in Singapore, in 2001. Following that, the company ventured an investment in Malaysia, in 2003, thereby starting the very first Chocolate Cafe and Boutique of its kind in Malaysia. The year 2005 was exciting in that it heralded the launch of the chocolate production house in Singapore, the conversion of existing retail outlets into Chocolate Cafe and Boutiques and the opening of the largest Chocolate Cafe there is, in the whole of South East Asia.
Incorporating some of the most sophisticated and modern machinery from Europe into the manufacturing process has allowed them to continue to place emphasis on a handcrafted production and quality demands of customers.
Selecting the finest raw materials that stem mainly from Europe and combining them with the right expertise, they have been producing chocolates to supply gourmet chocolate to gift shops, hotels and restaurants and corporate clients with much success.
Mother’s Day is around the corner! Check out what they have.
They also have have chocolate appreciation workshop and chocolate making workshop! Chocz Chocolate Experience lets you understand the complex and intriguing nature of chocolate and become true connoisseurs.
Seductive, sensual, tantalising, romantic, decadent – that’s chocolate.  Nothing else sets the taste-buds tingling in quite the same way as this magical food. The rich flavour and intoxicating aroma arouses the
senses, immediately bestowing pleasure on the eater. More and more of us are acquiring the taste for exquisite hand- made chocolates. To understand the complex and intriguing nature of chocolate and become true connoisseurs, indulge in Chocz’s

Chocolate Appreciation Workshop
Your appreciation for Chocolate will greatly deepen!

Luxury chocolate really is a different experience. Carefully blended and handcrafted from the very finest ingredients, it is quite unlike the mass-manufactured bar whose low cocoa content is masked by various additives. 
The hand-crafted pralines provide the visual experience and the taste of quality premium Swiss chocolate in its purest form, giving you the ultimate chocolate experience.
Chocz Chocolate Experience Workshops will deepen your appreciation for both chocolate and chocolatier. The knowledge about chocolate and learning to apply your senses of visual, smell and taste to expand your chocolate experience will present yourself as a true Chocolate connoisseur!
Our Chocolate Workshop’s Delivery Lead Time:
  • 3 weeks booking
  • Confirmation Upon Payment (100%)
Chocz Chocolate Appreciation Workshop 

Discover the ultimate quality chocolate experience

Time: Weekday  
(11 am -12.30 pm 0r 2.30pm -4 pm)  
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Group Size: From 20-25 pax; at Chocz Esplanade Mall


Cost: S$60 per pax
Take-away: Experience 8 different types of exclusive quality Swiss
Chocz Exclusive Participant’s Promotion
Workshop Agenda :
10 minutes Introduction
15 minutes The Chocolate Story (Video)
The Origin of Chocolate; A look at the Cocoa plant, its harvesting and the processes of preparing cocoa, the raw material of chocolate
The Story of Cocoa to Chocolate; a look at the processes of turning cocoa beans into delicious chocolate
45 minutes Chocolate Appreciation Process 
– 8 Different Types of Pralines
  • Differentiating quality chocolate
  • Art of tasting chocolate
  • Varieties of chocolates
  • Chocolate shelf life

Chocolate Making Workshop
Experience the essential hand-crafted
Chocolate Enrobing Process
Time: Weekday  
(11 am -12.30 pm 0r 2.30pm -4 pm)  
Duration: 1.5 hours
Group Size: From 20 to 25 pax; at Chocz Esplanade Mall


Cost: S$65 per pax



Hands-On truffles enrobing – how to Enrobe and Decorate the chocolate truffles
Hands-On to make the chocolate figuring using the chocolate mould.
Participants get to bring back the chocolate that they have done at the workshop.
Chocz Exclusive Participant’s Promotion
Workshop Agenda :
10 minutes Introduction
15 minutes       
Chocolate Decorating and Figurine-making
Essential Knowledge
  • Rationale for Chocolate figurine making techniques
  • Popularity of Chocolate Figurine
45 minutes       
Chocolate Decorating and Figurine-making
  • Traditional Hand-crafted Chocolate process; Explain the Making of Praline’s core
  • Enrobing Technique; Hands-on Enrobing of 8 different types Chocolates
  • How to make a Chocolate figurine?
20 minutes        


Questions and Answers / Conclusion / Networking
Here is what we have tasted.
Chocopuccino ($6.50) – Warm comfort drink.
Bourbon ($27.90) – This is sweeter and more intense in flavor. It also caters more to local Singaporean taste.
Madagascar ($30) – I absolutely love this. Not as sweet as Bourbon and goes very well with the fruits and marshmallow on the sides.
Chocolate Truffle Cake ($6.50) – I can’t really taste the truffle but it definitely appeals the sweet tooth.
Happy Mother’s Day cake!
This is Benny, director of Chocz!
Happy Mother’s Day! 😀
Photos by Diana.
Special thanks to James and Benny from Chocz for the wondering tasting and sharing session.
Chocz Chocolate Café & Boutique
8 Raffles Avenue
Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802
Tel/Fax: +65 6238 0803

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