Coolsculpting with Dr Chua

Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Totally uncool. Fortunately, CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen. Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you. 






A cold mask to protect the skin



The nurse warned me that the first part where it sucks in your fat is the most startling and it may feel as though I can’t breath but I will be able to, (thank god she told me that because that is what precisely happens).
Once I realized I could breath I was quite uncomfortable but she told me once it froze which takes about four minutes, you really cant feel anything. She was right and although it is still a bit uncomfortable it really wasn’t bad.



Then you sit there and let the machine do its thing for about an hour, you can read or text or take a nap. When you are done she comes in and takes the machine off and your fat is basically frozen like a brick and they massage it for about a minute.






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