Day 3 : Visiting the magical City Toledo, Spain

Continuation from Alcala De Henares

After a hearty breakfast at Parador De Alcala de Henares, our next destination was Toledo which was an hour drive from Alcala de Henares.

Hotel Doménico is an exclusive 4-star hotel with an enviable location in the beautiful Cigarral Quarter, in Toledo. 

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From Mirador del Valle, you can watch as the sunset casts its orange glow on the Alcázar towering above a maze of cobblestone roads that wind through a hillside covered in tiers of colourful Spanish buildings. DSC07744 (1024x680)DSC07745 (1024x680)DSC07874 (1024x680)DSC07878 (1024x680)

Roaming around the streets of Toledo

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Toledo’s Cathedral

It was initially built in 1226 by King Fernando III “The Saint” and Archibishop Ximenez de Rada and finished in 1493. The main visit includes the Mayor Sacristy with El Greco’s masterpiece: El Expolio (the Disrobing of Christ) and The Serie of Apostles, The Treasure Room with 16th C. Monstrance, the Chapter House and the Choir Main Chapel, Cloister and Bell Tower are recommended.

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Synagogue of Santa Maria la Blanca

From the early 13th century, it shows blends of Mudejar and Nazari styles. Noteworthy are its five naves divided by the horseshoe arches over the lime-painted octagonal columns with unusual Eastern-style honeycombed capitals of outstanding beauty.

DSC07832 (680x1024)DSC07834 (1024x680)

We had lunch at the Alfileritos 24 Restaurant, located in the historic town of Toledo, combines a traditional decoration with stone walls, wooden floors and beams. Very avant-garde style. Excellent gourmet dishes with friendly and warm service.

Address: Calle de Alfileritos, 24, 45003 Toledo, Spain

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After lunch, we roamed around Toledo and found these beautiful spots. I love the colour of the clouds as the sun sets.

DSC07884 (1024x680) DSC07899 (1024x680) DSC07904 (1024x680) DSC07906 (1024x680) DSC07910 (1024x680) DSC07921 (1024x680)

 Thank you for reading! 😀

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