Day 5: Salamanca, Spain

Continuation from Avila.

Salamanca is a beautiful city with a significant and well preserved historical and monumental legacy. 
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Few cities have two cathedrals; Salamanca does. Known as Catedral Vieja de Santa María (The Old Cathedral) and Catedral Nueva (The New Cathedral). An older one that is Romanesque and modest and a newer Gothic-Renaissance-Baroque one.

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Convento de San Esteban (St. Steven’s Church)

The convent, the stones, the building which gave shelter to Domingo de Soto, Martin de Azpilicueta, Diego de Deza or Father Francisco de Victoria, the venue for Dominican teachings, in their search for truth and knowledge.

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DSC08267 (532x800)
The staircase with no support

Up next – Segovia

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