Drink Bottle, Toy Box, Sterilizer, Fan - JJOBI has them all - but with A DIFFERENCE

Janiqueel tries out the unique products that perform everyday tasks admirably while REDUCING GERMS.

Nine-tenths of our sickness can be prevented by right thinking plus right hygiene — nine-tenths of it!      

Henry Miller

For better or worse, germs are a topic of conversation and concern these Covid days more than ever before. Bottles, pacifiers, and toys are all part of a tot’s life. Toss them around. Kick them to and from on the floor. Handle them with less-than perfectly clean hands. Put them in your mouth (of course!). This is what toys are for and what makes them learning tools and fascinating companions for tots. 


BUT – is all that tossing, kicking, handling, and sucking hygienic? Of course not! Keeping your young one clean while enhancing playtime is the raison d’être of JJOBI, a Korean manufacturer which has found a niche in the children’s product market by stressing cleanliness and, as Henry Miller has it, “Right thinking”. To get an idea of what JJOBI has to offer, let’s have a look at a few of their premiere products:

  • JJOBI BOTTLE – What kid doesn’t love to tote around a colourful, easy-to-grip water bottle during their days of adventure and discovery? With handles on either side, available in attractive pastel colours, and easy-to-clean-and-use, the JJOBI water bottle does what most kids’ water bottles do, but with A BIG DIFFERENCE. The JJOBI bottle is high tech. Containing a water purifier, the bottle is “Proven and tested to be effective in removing harmful germs and viruses such as COVID-19.” To say the least, that is an important consideration in these bleak days. 

Using UV LED technology, the bottle is rechargeable (a charge lasts approximately three days). Fill it with water; wait ten minutes, push the button and ou and your child have a refreshing drink of h2o 99.9% germ-free. “JJOBI was certified by KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories) and SGS (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification institute) for 99.9% sterilization. It’s proven to sterilize germs and Covid-19 too.”

  • JJOBI TROLL – it’s an adorable egg-shaped thingamajig that the little one will love to fondle. Inside, though it’s another high-tech wonder designed to clean and sterilize that all-important baby item – the much-loved pacifier. After charging via a supplied USB cable for about to hours, place a pacifier or bottle nipple into the troll. The troll won’t mind -that what they’re bred for. In five minutes (there’s a blinking LED indicator) the rubber delight is ready to be re-plopped into that adorable mini-mouth.
  • JJOBI BOX – Also based on UV LED technology, the JJOBI Box is a wonder of practicality and hygiene. Pack it with toys, close the lid – that action is the switch to start the sterilization – wait for 60 minutes and the stuffies, cars, lorries, blocks, and other doo-dads are 99.9% sterilised. So easy. So simple. Why has this not been thought of before? Nevermind, JJOBI had thought of it now and it makes right-thinking parenting a snap. Available in grey, pink or natural wood colours, you may want to use it to set your drink on after a rewarding day of love and affection.
  • JJOBI WIND – A delightful addition to the nursery of parents’ commuter bag, the JJOBI Wind is a portable USB – rechargeable three-speed fan that provides a soft breeze to dry and/or cool. It’s a must-have for tropical Singapore. Cylindrical with a robust heft, it fits neatly in a bag or pocket.  You are going to love it – trust Janiqueel.

Offering high-tech gadgets designed to make parenting easy, clean and fun, JJOBI is a good choice at any time, but especially in these parlous times.

For more info, head over to JJOBI.

With writing and research help from JKJ.

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