Classy Affordable Jewellery for any Occasion – Dare to Love Yourself with Aymee

Janiqueeel has a look at the jewellery collection from AYMÉE and LIKES WHAT SHE SEES

Jewellery is like the perfect spice – it always complements what’s already there.     

Diane Von Furstenberg

“AYMÉE is more than just a brand. She’s a living, breathing force of love.” in a nutshell, that’s the story behind AYMÉE, an affordable accessible line of sile jewellery that will make your eyes pop at the unique designs and reasonable prices.

To start with I used the drop-down menu of the enticingly-named collections. The names sound like a group of interesting friends. In a sense, they are – Audrey, Aurélie, Noelle, Sophie, Lauren, Cécile, Valérie. Don’t you just want to invite this bunch over for an afternoon wine and gabfest? Too bad they’re mythical, but you can do the next best thing – wear them! I found searching by category to be handy also. If you just don’t see the style you have imagined, imagine away to your heart’s content and use Aymée’s Atelier to find a link where you can communicate with a representative and realize your dreams.

Janiqueel asked an AYMÉE representative to give THREE aspects of the jewellery that distinguish it from other brands. The answer was instructive and precise:

  • AYMÉE is stylish classy jewellery that fits any occasion of modern woman’s life: from office to dinner or cocktail party, from weekends with friends, to travelling.
  • Mostly silver jewellery on the market is something bulky and not delicate, not nicely polished and finished. Our jewellery actually looks like gold, it’s delicate, finely polished. We use silver and 18k gold plating and natural stones to create our pieces.
  • Creating our brand we thought about affordability. Our jewellery has such attractive prices, that any woman can afford to buy herself.  You don’t have to save up for years to buy a piece. In fact, you can monthly extend your silver jewellery collection mixing and matching the items and create new looks of yours.

The high-quality silver pieces from AYMÉE are beautiful, as I’ve mentioned. For something different, though, you might consider plating them with rose or yellow gold. Covered with a thick layer of gold, the silver jewellery is transformed into another colour option to mix and match with other AYMÉE creations or your wardrobe priorities. Remember, at these competitive prices, the option of purchasing several styles and types is always there.


For more info, head over to AYMÉE

Writing and research help from JKJ.

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