Uniquely Designed - Anthea Cooper Jewellery Inspires Confidence

Janiqueel explores the world of Anthea Cooper and is impressed by the vitality, verve, and simple elegance of jewellery with an Asian pedigree.

I love creating unique luxurious fashion pieces which you can wear anywhere and mix and match with many outfits. Pieces you can treasure for a lifetime. I absolutely love natural stones, for their uniqueness,  and am passionate about showcasing these in my designs. To show women how beautiful it is to be unique.

Anthea Cooper

Not shy about naming the brand she founded after herself, Anthea Cooper is, on the contrary, proud of the company she runs and the jewellery, influenced by her background and creative sensibilities, that it produces. Born in Dubai to Anglo-Indian parents, and then moving to Australia, Anthea Cooper personifies a modern world-view vibe. Unhindered by borders, Anthea Cooper’s company and creations have a mission – “…to inspire women to have a passion and to have fun with what they do and wear.” Just one look will convince you that we are talking about something different in the jewellery world. Something that you won’t see anywhere else. “Unique”? Yes, that’s the word.


The first thing that I noticed when exploring the world of Anthea Cooper, was the mosaic-like patterns and feel of the designs. “I love the tiles, mosaics and archways you find in Indian architecture and it’s these shapes and patterns that have influenced my designs.” She sees the beauty in the ancient as well as the modern interpretations of that heritage. Put on a pair of Floral Escape Blue Magnesite Cocktail Earrings and know you are wearing a vibrantly expressed heritage meticulously crafted.

Using her imagination to see the beauty in the world around her, Anthea Cooper turns to her sketchbook to capture the images she sees and feels. Using her international life and travel as raw material, she gleans her impressions of nature, architecture, and art to inspire her drawings which she then transforms into designs and images for her jewellery. Technical drawings come next and then stone selection. “not an easy task as there are so many amazing unique semi-precious stones out there.” Working with an ethically-conscious production team in Jaipur, Anthea Cooper sees her visions become reality. Adorning your ears or neck or wrists, it is the artistic process made real. Wear it proudly, and have fun with it!


The most popular of the creations, earrings take the prize. They are readily adaptable to different occasions and wardrobe styles and, at the same time, affordable enough to be interchanged daily. Twice daily? Thrice? Vermeil gold is the secret. It is a thick coating of gold over sterling silver. So, it starts with high-quality material (sterling silver) and coats it with gold. With care, the metallic combination will last a lifetime. 

Opal, agate, labradorite and moonstone are among Anthea Cooper’s favourite stones, but there are multitudes to choose from. “Semiprecious” can be a tricky term as many semiprecious stones are as exquisite and “precious”.

There are so many choices, as well on the Anthea Cooper website. Have a look and imagine what these carefully designed creations will look like on YOU! 

“Be Inspired, Be confident, Be your natural self.”

For more info, head over to Anthea Cooper.


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