Fans host bands at Laneway Festival with Airbnb

Laneway musicians trade in run-in-the-mill tours for the warmest welcome by the local fans at Airbnb’s House of Smiles 

Airbnb, the world’s leading community driven hospitality company, today announced that it will bring the Airbnb ‘House of Smiles’ to this year’s St Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival. The 5-meter tall shophouse installation located in the middle of the festival grounds will allow fans and bands to connect, giving bands a true sense of Singapore’s hospitality.

While the House of Smiles will be impossible to miss for bands performing on stage, it’s the insides that will foster connections between fans and bands like Cashew Chemists, Cheats, Metz and Hudson Mohawke. The shophouse will be filled with instant films of fans’ messages and warmest grins for their favourite artists.

Fans can also join Singaporean artist, Kaiyee, at a collaborative art installation — “Homemade Gems”– to create an illustrated collection of quirky but useful local trivia — say, chopping seats with tissue packets. At the end of the night, the tote bags that formed the mural will be separated and handed out to both bands and fans as keepsake.

To allow for an even more personal hosting experience, Airbnb will pick five winners, and their three friends, to guide the members of Cashew Chemists, Cheats, Metz, Hudson Mohawke through the installations.

Tours can be a blur of different cities and performances, and musicians are also travellers that deserve to be connected to friendly locals and their destinations’ authentic culture. This experience doesn’t just end at Laneway Singapore for these bands. They will get the chance to live like a local in Airbnb homes as they continue with their global tour. With almost two million listings in more than 190 countries and 34,000 cities, Cashew Chemists, Cheats, Metz and Hudson Mohawke will have plenty to choose from. For music enthusiasts looking for inspiration – here are some properties for your travels:

The installations at the House of Smiles are open to all festival attendees in the middle of the festival grounds. To enter the contest to personally meet and host Cashew Chemists, Cheats, Metz, and Hudson Mohawke festival attendees should submit an entry, including a selfie of their warmest smile and a local Singapore recommendation to Full contest details are available on Singapore Airbnb Facebook page.

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