Fearlessly Facing Facts to Find Freedom

Janiqueel looks at a company born to help cope with the pandemic.

And one has to understand that braveness is not the absence of FEAR rather the STRENGTH to keep on GOING FORWARD despite the Fear!”


Founded by women and operated by women, FEARLEST is a company that surrounds fear and forces it to surrender. Abigail Tan from FEARLEST puts it well, “At Fearlest, we believe that being fearless is not the absence of fear, but rather the courage to keep going forward in spite of fear.” Words of light and hope for the ominous times we are all living through. As well as providing hope and courage, though, FEARLEST is built to provide practical strategies for tackling those nasty germs that caused this mess in the first place. 

Just one look at the hand Sanitizer, the Mist Sprayer, or the Face shield tells you that this is something else again in a world with zillions of personal sanitizing choices. For starters, the hand sanitizer is a SPRAY, rather than a liquid or gel. Is that a good thing? 

Our aqueous formula, made with a blend of the best ingredients will leave your hands feeling soft and moisturized. It evaporates quicker than gel sanitisers and lasts longer compared to a pocket-sized gel hand sanitiser! Say no more to that sticky-icky feeling, and enjoy keeping your hands happy & clean!

As I said, “something else again.” This is something new and different and effective. Cruelty-free without perfumes, and artificial ingredients, and with created with a moisturizing formula, FEARLEST simply feels and smells good each time you use it. 

If you stop touching your face, though, there is no need to use a sanitiser. Good luck with that! 16 times an hour. That’s the average face-touching stat. As I began writing this, I looked around my local coffee shop to see if anyone was touching their face. At some time in my short scientific study, THEY ALL WERE! With chin in hand, I realized the depth of the challenge. One might as well stop breathing or blinking. I’m sorry to point out the obvious, but – there ain’t no way around our universal human habit. Abigail Tan has some practical pointers, though, to help us face the problem (pun intended):

  • Be aware – My perusal of my fellow coffee house patrons gave me some insight into the problem we all deal with. For all my life, face-touching was not a big deal. But these are covid times and it is now a BIG deal. Take a look around you, or monitor your own habits even if you are all alone. A Post-It on your desk might help, too “DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE, MY FRIEND!” hey, it’s a step toward awareness.
  • If you have hair long enough to hang in your face when you are reading, typing, net-surfing or any other of the multitude of activities we do all day, every day. It’s scrunchie time. You might even like the look!
  • Your glasses – make sure they fit well so you don’t have to be constantly pushing them up on your nose or straightening them. Each time you push or straighten, it’s too easy to add a little scratch or rub.
  • USE HAND SANITISER and/or WASH YOU HANDS FREQUENTLY. Yes, my friends, it’s obvious and repetitious – but NOTHING WORKS BETTER. 

FEARLEST hand-sanitizing mist is one of the best, fashionable, and satisfying ways to accomplish that simple goal. I especially like the fact that FEARLEST contains moisturizer. If you are going to wash an/or moisturize really often, your hands are going to start drying out. Finally, a company that appreciates that fact and makes a product that softens as it is attacking germs. 

No stranger to overcoming fear, Rachel, the founder and namer of FEARLEST, went through a mental journey and successfully came out the other side stronger having shown fear the door. FEARLEST then is a product for our parlous times for sure, but it also the story of that women’s journey. Fitting then that the company is run by brave women looking to see the light at the end of our long international tunnel. “The goal is to create a safe space for women to share their experiences, from women to women and to encourage one another to live life fearlessly!”

Help with research and writing from JKJ.

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