Beet This, Honey! Ethical. Zero Nasties. Give Back with Every Cleanse. W.ANT SKINCARE.

W.ANT is an ethical brand based in Singapore founded in 2016 that wants you to thrive in your best skin.

Founder of W.ANT Skin Care, Winona Tan, provided some insight on how she derived the clever. Mnemonic name, “W.ANT’’ for her business. The W comes from Winona and the rest is an anagram of TAN. Like I said, clever, huh?”

Offering dozens of thoughtfully-sourced products that promote fair trade and sustainability, W.ANT is an online store catering to women, but with a rapidly growing male clientele, as well. From the myriad of products. I’ve chosen six representatives to highlight:

  • BEET THIS HONEY CLEANSE – With arguably the cleverest name in the product line, this natural thick, grainy deep wash contains 60% honey. Sweet, right? Work it into your skin with warm water, massage for a bit, then rinse clean. Used in the morning, it is a great start to your day. At night, you may want to double-cleanse to wash away a day’s worth of impurities and makeup. You can’t beet that!
  • THE FACE OIL – Simply named and simply terrific, The Face Oil locks in moisture and revitalizes with vitamins A, C, and E. After cleansing, massage 2-3 drops into your skin and let it absorb before applying makeup. At night, use it as a mask to promote softness and suppleness. With a pleasant nutty scent, The Face Oil is a sensory delight.
  • THE FACIAL SPRITZER – Aloe Vera-based, this spritzy toner revitalizes and hydrates. It’s a perfect companion for the hot, sunny days of Singapore. Keep a bottle handy throughout the day for that pick-me-up you and your skin crave. “…like a cool drink of water for your thirsty skin”, the spritzer comes in a large bottle so you can replenish the travel-size easily and economically. 
  • The BODY OIL – Cold-pressed and light, this refreshing oil is made to penetrate deeply as it hydrates thirsty skin. Use it after towel-drying all over your body and feet a new suppleness and health. Blended with lavender and other ingredients, it has a rapturous scent to set your olfactory receptors aglow. Like all W.ANT products, it comes with minimal packaging as part of an eco-conscious commitment.
  • THE HAIR OIL – Having tended to your skin all over your body, pay some attention to what’s on top – your hair. If you’re looking for a gloss and a cure for the frizzies, you’ve found it with The Hair Oil. Apply it to your hair after towel-drying, leave it on, and let it shine. Great for rejuvenating and stimulating the scalp, you’ll feel an all-day tingle as you venture forth into the wild world. 
  • EYE OIL – In a darling 10 ml bottle with a roller top, the Eye Oil is light but moisturizing to roll away puffiness and fine lines adding life and youth to your beautiful orbs. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Give them a good cleaning and enjoy looking at a fresh, new world. From a little bottle, BIG results. 

Welcome to W.ANT!

With research and writing help from JKJ.

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