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Janiqueel has a look at the user- friendly sister of the usual bra – BRALETTE!

Our Bralette Club is a size-inclusive lingerie brand with a huge focus on providing comfortable intimates to women of all sizes… We promote body positivity and want to help women understand that confidence is not an article of clothing or a certain size. It is a state of mind, and any woman can be confident at any point in their life. 

Having heard about Our Bralette Club (OBC), and eager for more information about it, the investigative team at JANIQUEEL went right to the source, Chow Li Ying, the founder. In answer to our (rather obvious) first question, she pointed out what is probably the most cogent element of OBC design – its COMFORT. Sans underwires and stiff, moulded cups, the bra is soft and pliable making it a hospitable companion to your wardrobe rather than a burdensome accessory. In a tropical climate like Singapore’s? It’s a natural.

Most of the designs are double-ply which is usually sufficient for nipple-concealing. Should you need a little extra assurance, however, you might add the delightfully-named “Bunny Lifting Nipple Covers”. The bunny ears are not just frivolous decoration. They help fit the gel inserts to provide life and, (dare I say it?) – bounce. Soon we will dance in public again – I promise.

To get started, the risk-free, based on persona-sizing the STARTER KIT is an excellent place to, well…start. Experts at OBC choose a style and fit that will suit you, and send off. If not satisfies, send it back for a full refund. Some patrons, who like the element of surprise, continue to order starter kits even when they are no longer starters. Life on the edge of style!

OBC come only in wimpy white or boring beige. JUST KIDDING! With an in-house design team, all the bralettes are locally created. Of primary concern are practicality and comfort. Both are integral to the success of the brand and the satisfaction of the wearer. Then comes aesthetics. Like the bralettes, themselves, the prints are subtly pretty. Recently commissioned, local artists now present creative ideas for new and charming prints. Early feedback looks very encouraging. Stay tuned for the latest designs.

Having joined OBC, you might find yourself wanting to say goodbye to your old bras. Partnered with Greensquare, OBC takes in old garments and either recycles or repurposes them helping to reduce the world’s burden. The initiative has been gratifyingly successful adding another reason to join OBC.

Asked for a motto for her business, Chow Li Ying helpfully accommodated once again:

All Bodies Are Beautiful. That’s what we print on our paper bags, collaterals and our poly mailers – because we truly believe in that and we think everyone needs a reminder.
Sometimes we look into the mirror and hate what we see. Sometimes we think we look pretty great. And sometimes, we love our bodies. Self-love is a journey and that’s ok, we just need to remind each other that all bodies are worth loving!

Writing and research help from JKJ, a BRALETTE fan, if not a wearer.

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