Sudio NIO review

Janiqueel explains why she loves her new GREEN phones

Girl listens to radio. Girl finds music. Girl has whole other world. Girl slips on headphones. World gone.     

Kathleen Glasgow

I didn’t have to get the NIO GREEN phones. Sudio offers its latest (just launched in January) wireless phone entry in black, white, sand, as well. They’re all attractive and special, but the forest greens caught my attention from the moment I saw them on the screen. Now, in my hand or in my ears, I know I made the right choice. They look special and they are. Here’s why:

For me who leads an active gym-life, the IPX4 rating was essential. Occasionally, I get caught in the rain. No worries. These little charmers have “INGRESS PROTECTION”. Use that phrase when showing off your new phones. Your friends will be VERY impressed. With the usual external controls for volume, play/pause, and skip, the little greenies are easy to control even in the middle of an especially strenuous session in the torture chamber, er… the gym, I mean. In a heavy Singapore rain squall, sound dampened, getting wet on the way home is a quirky pleasure.

Fully-toned and fit, you join a ZOOM meeting. The dual-microphone technology gives you the clearest voice in the room – the virtual room, that is. Be prepared for the inevitable “Where did you get those cool, green phones?”. “Sudio Nio,” you’ll say. ‘Nuff said.

The earwings are special, too. Supplied in four sizes, they provide a sure, snug fit that is softer, more comfortable than your last pair of phones. You don’t have to jam them deep into your delicate auditory receptacles to filter out external noise and filter in what you want/need to listen to. Very comfortable – even for long – (battery life – 5.5 hours; 20+ when using the charging case) listening sessions. 

Sound quality is exceptional IMHO. The bass is deep and strong. A reviewer found it too deep and strong, but this is easily compensated with the settings on your portable device. Me? I like the bassy feel of the NIO’s sound. To me, it has a quality of depth which I find well-suited to listening to eclectic music or podcasts. You’ll like it, as well.

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us. With your audiophile sweetheart in mind, need I say more? 

Writing and Research help from JKJ in his own audio world.

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