Go Bag a Bow for Bold Bag

Anything worthwhile has grit behind it. The tension in the bow is the tenacity that you must have to last through the journey.


Lotta bags out there on the market. Always interested in a new one (I love bags – I have bags for my bags – I’m a bag-o-phile). Gonna have a look at the Quiver by Bow for Bold.

First of all, what’s up with that name? Like those web names that stick in the mind because they are unusual and hard to pronounce with the inner tongue (e.g. janiqueel.com!) “Bow for Bold” is unique. The website hastens to explain. “Just like how the energy from the bow is transferred to the flight of the arrow, we envision propelling you forward through our gear. You are the arrow. Make your shot count.” Aha! So it’s the device that shoots arrows, NOT the front of a boat. Got it! Strange name; but it works. Like Janiqueel!

And the Bag works, too. It is seriously water resistant (see Q & A, below), has bespoke pockets for common items, doubles as a sport/gym bag and a carry-on, and straps on in various configurations. Sufyan Rosman, marketing executive was kind enough to respond to Janiqueel’s queries. Here’s his take on this innovative bag:

Janiqueel: Describe the water-resistant qualities of the bags.

SR: The bag is made from waterproof materials, and the zippers are all waterproof … as well, However, we don’t recommend that you go diving with it. You can, however, stand under a waterfall with it. The large shoe compartment is water-resistant [and] has two ventilation holes at the bottom to prevent the bag from stinking up if you put your shoes inside. The shower compartment (reverse side) is completely waterproof so don’t worry that your items will get wet. Shower with ease and a peace of mind.

Janiqueel: What distinguishes these products for other sports bags on the market?

SR: What distinguishes Quiver from other sports bag is it’s compact and minimalist design. However, each compartment is well thought-out to provide the best organization from shoes to laundry to toiletries. The phone compartment in the bag also has a touch-sensitive compartment to allow you to use your phone in the showers. We want to fit all your different bags into one. Furthermore, you have the option of carrying it in many different styles, side sling, haversack/ backpack-style or even hand-carry. Simply remove or attach straps to your preference.

Janiqueel: What makes the Olive Quiver a limited edition? Why is it more expensive?

SR: The olive Quiver is limited edition because it is the only version that has a completely different exterior color. Furthermore, there is only a limited number in the world. We won’t be producing it anymore once it’s done. (There’s only 10 left!). It’s a limited edition.

Janiqueel: For backpack mode, are two straps required?

SR:  Each quiver comes equipped with one strap, and the additional strap can be bought together as an add-on at $15 on our website.

Janiqueel: Why did you decide on the add-on – embroidery, straps, olive color – pricing concept?

SR: We want to provide customization for our customers, so we decided that they can choose carrying styles, Personalisation and the limited edition version is really an exclusive version.

Janiqueel: What is your key demographic?

SR: Our key demographics are people who go to the gym, keep an active lifestyle, and also those workout between lunch breaks.

Janiqueel: How is the mouth of the Nock Pouch Sealed?

SR: The mouth of the Nock Pouch is sealed with a velcro mechanism. So just roll it up and voila! Airtight and waterproof at your fingertips. It keeps all your sweat and smells locked inside so you don’t have to worry about contaminating other items in your bag!

Janiqueel: Where are the bags manufactured?

SR: Our bags are designed in Singapore! 😀

Thank you for your enlightening responses, Mr. Sufyan Rosman.

No stranger to my local swimming complex, I’m sold on the design of this bag.


Gonna bag one!

A raft of YouTube vids to see the bag in action here. 

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