Good Vibes Only Singapore sex toy review

Janiqueel has a look at a new line of self-pleasuring toys from right here in Singapore.

When it comes to sex: some men treat women as objects; some women treat objects as men. 

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“We believe that one should be free to experience true sensual pleasures with an inborn connection that unleashes their own sexual potential. To liberate true sexual satisfaction & enable a journey of happiness guided by one’s true pleasure.” That’s the mission of Good Vibes Only. I like it, especially that bit about “enabling a journey of happiness.” I mean, how many companies have that as a goal? Not many. Not enough.

Singaporean, Meryl Lim, founder of Good Vibes Only (GVO), responds to our questions about the home-grown enterprise and the sex toys they sell. She exudes good vibes herself, so I guess it’s no secret why the company is built on positivity, fulfilment, and the potential for happiness. Meryl Lim points to three main differences between GVO and the many other sex toy products out there:

  1. Unlike other distributors, GVO does not produce a plethora of products aimed at appearing on as many shelves as possible. Rather, it specializes in what it deems the best products. They’ve narrowed the selections to THREE toys convinced that those three are the best on the market. “Our cream of the crop!”
  2. Playing into the concept of self-love that lies at the heart of GVO, the packaging is a big part of the pleasure of the products. Sustainability is key. They use minimum plastics and aim at a minimalistic aesthetic. When you unbox their toys, you will even catch a whiff of orange blossom scent, helping you set up the mood for a night of pleasure. The toy of choice arrives nestles on a bed of dried hydrangea flowers within a bamboo steamer. Straight out of SouthEast Asia. Straight out of Singapore. Straight to your heart.
  3. Advocating for guilt-free sensual awareness and an open-minded approach to topics that have been too long buried and consciously ignored, GVO’s website explores topics like the female anatomy that many (females and males alike) are not very aware of – “Knowing Your body”; “Orgasm (a.k.a. the big O)”; “Pleasure / Orgasm Gap”; “Debunking Myths” and more including, of course, “Sex Toys”.

We’re talking about lifestyle awareness and choices here. It’s a new, more open world. Companies and organizations like GVO are helping to spread the word with a positive message. 

Mirroring this aesthetic, the three products in the GVO line exemplify the ZEN-like feeling behind the products. The names and the elegant, smooth, minimalistic shapes of the three toys typify the vibe:

  • THE PEBBLE – is smooth and made to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand of the pleasure-seeker. With 10, yes 10, vibration modes, it encourages self-control and fulfilment. Like all the models it is USB equipped for convenient recharging.
  • The KOI –  softly sucks and blows a gentle wave of air into just the right regions. Its soft, curving style is a turn on just to look at. Like the other models, it is shipped and delivered discretely.
  • The Bamboo –  long and flexible, The Bamboo is a G-spot vibrator that uncovers deep, often hidden desires that you may not have known existed. Like its namesake, The Bamboo bends, whispers, waves, and exists to celebrate its natural place in your world.

Asked to choose JUST ONE of the three as a gift, Meryl Lim picked The Pebble for its external vibrations and the palm-sized fit making the exploration of every erogenous zone (nipples, for instance) a convenient reality.  It was a hard decision – one that needn’t be made. The Zen Collection brings all three to your personal space. Variety, as they say, is a spice.

Let’s give Meryl Lim the last word: “Finally, a shoutout to all the vulva-owners/women out there, it’s absolutely okay to talk about sex and to seek pleasures from it as long as it is fun and healthy. Join our movement to be empowered to own your own pleasure!”


You can visit to learn more about their products.

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