School's Out and Summer Holiday Camps are back! Presented by Sing'theatre Academy

As you know, school’s out, and Summer is here! With most of us are stuck at home, why not get musical this summer with us? Dedicated to Musical Theatre, Sing’theatre Academy is happy to share our upcoming Summer holiday camps lineup! Led by TJ Taylor, Sing’theatre Academy’s Head of Musical Theatre, our very dedicated & esteemed teachers have created various camps suitable for almost everyone. TJ explains, “If your child loves singing, dancing, or acting and is aged 6-17, we have a fantastic musical theatre camp for them in English and French. But, if your child is destined to be on Broadway and wants to spend their summer training their skills, our Unique SMTC course will challenge them as they work with industry professionals.”

For beginners or children who want to explore Musical Theatre in a fun way, Summer Holiday Camp is perfect for you! Students are introduced to Acting, Singing, and Dancing and put on a mini-presentation at the end of the week-long camp.

They also have a special camp for the French-speaking community, taught by Nathalie Ribette, Artistic & Executive Director of Sing’theatre. Conducted in French, our Comedie Musicale Camp aims to allow children to express their creativity while developing coordination, vocal expression, listening, sharing and collaboration skills, and simply having fun!

For the more advanced students interested in experiencing a drama school education, Summer Musical Theatre Conservatoire (SMTC) is for you! Strictly by audition only, SMTC is returning from 2020 after an extremely popular sold-out run. For 2 weeks, students will be put through a series of technique classes and assessments to help them improve in their skills in an intense collection of classes every day. At the end of the camp, they will receive detailed reports of their progress and perform a presentation of some of their best works from the two weeks. SMTC is highly recommended for all students serious about improving their skills in Musical Theatre. An Alumni of SMTC shares, “It was amazing, everything about it, from the great and experienced teachers to the great students who share the same passion as you do. It was super fun but also very helpful and rewarding.” 

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