Happiness Aromas from Floral Garage Singapore

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.

-Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The internet has yet to evolve to AromaNet. When it does, and it won’t be long, I suspect, Floral Garage in Singapore is a prime candidate to be an early adopter. Even now, one can almost smell the fragrances wafting from the colorful photos of the arrangements, bouquets, and other blooming treats. Treats to the eye, to the nose, and to the lucky recipient.

At this time of the year, of course, the Christmas collection is a natural. Handmade wreaths head off the page. Smell the pine boughs? Close your eyes. Think of a snowy field of white against the backdrop of pine trees. Got it? Do you hear a sleigh in the distance? Christmas vibe in the tropics – you’ve done it! The floral arrangements with names like “Rose Flakes,” “Touch of Winter,” “Winter Cones,” and “Joy” play right into the holiday spirit. Is a hamper of sweets and savories more appropriate for, say, not-so-close friends or corporate colleagues? Floral Garage has them with free delivery. Arranged in baskets with Christmas-y bows and ribbons.

Most other purchases can be delivered for S$5. For specific time delivery it’s S$25 – maybe a Christmas Eve surprise? If you are near the Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, you can arrange to pick up items yourself for no charge.

In addition to holiday selections, have a look at the extensive array of types, flowers, and occasions, and hampers at Floral Garage Singapore.

Under “flowers” see unique offerings like “Cotton” and “Wildflowers.” Wild at heart, Janiqueel likes the latter. “Walk in the Park” strikes a chord with this floral shopper. Are you looking for something really, really cute, especially for the pet lovers in your life? Go to “Search,” enter “dogs” and get ready to OOHH. Then get ready to AHHH. You will see gift baskets with flowers arranged like very cute dogs. No house training needed. Maybe it’s the perfect gift for the petless who would just as soon remain that way but needs just a tiny sliver of adorable attractiveness in their lives. Hard to resist, isn’t it?

Happiness lies in the Floral Garage website. Just have a browse, breathe deeply, imagine the aroma.

This product is in collaboration with OSCAS, an animal welfare shelter in Singapore. Floral Garage Singapore will be donating part of the proceeds from this product to OSCAS to help support their shelter dogs. Support it here: https://floralgaragesg.com/product/doggy2/

I must have flowers, always, and always.

-Claude Monet

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