Formulated from Exotic Ingredients, Eye Cream is the Newest Member of the Huxley Family

Behind the most beautiful eyes, lie secrets deeper and darker than the mysterious sea.


Given the reputation for quality and effectiveness that Huxley products have established, when they introduce a new product it’s time to open our eyes and have a good, close look. And speaking of eyes – Did you see this coming? – the new product is EYE CREAM. At first glance, it looks like another winner. Concentrating on the delicate skin around the eyes (some of the thinnest on the body), the eye cream strengthens the barrier between that skin and the ill-effects that modern life present. Formulated from pure, natural ingredients, and suitable for all skin types, it rejuvenates as it strengthens.

To accomplish this treat for the eyes, Huxley details the SIX KEY FEATURES of the new product:

  1. Turning to an ingredient in many Huxley products, the formulators use Moroccan Prickly Pear Seed Oil that creates a moisture barrier to protect this thin skin from the trepidation of the outside world.
  2. Forming a multi-layered structure like a natural skin barrier, a liquid crystal emulsifying system traps oil and water next to the skin where it can nourish and hydrate.
  3. Soothing and hydrating, as well, the prickly pear seed oil soothes as it protects.
  4. To ensure safety, the Eye Cream, like other Huxley products is the result of extensive clinical testing including patch testing and hydration tests.
  5. Smooth and not sticky, the gel-cream texture of the Eye Cream glides smoothly on the skin with no greasy “after-feel”.
  6. Suitable for use on the entire face, the Eye Cream can be packed by itself or save space on your makeup tray.

Given the importance that Huxley places on the exotically natural ingredients it employs, it’s worth enumerating them:

  • PRICKLY PEA SEED OIL – a “super oxidant” helps nourish and protect with vitamin E and Argan oil.
  • CACTUS FLOWER EXTRACT – “ … rich in phenolic compounds that act as antioxidants and are effective for soothing.”
  • LOOK OLEOACTIF ® – is a complex blend of oleic acid and extracts that promote elasticity and protect from damage.
  • DERMA-CLERA ™, a plant-derived complex that calms redness and provides benefits especially vital for sensitive skin.

All this and the benefits are instantaneous! Skin barrier restoration, wrinkle minimization, soothing and moisturizing properties whole absorbing quickly into the epidermis – once again, Huxley has created a winning formula deserving of a place in your kit or shelf.

For more info, head over to Huxley.

Writing and Research help from JKJ.

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