iMyBags: Grown Up

Before reading this, you should check out iMyBags: Childlike first! Watch Renfred and I grow from children to adults alongside with iMyBags.
It is a lot easier when Jovial photographer, Nicholas, understood my concept. Basically, I explained my idea, Renfred and I staged and Nicholas captured. I am very happy with the photos and so does iMyBags
I am fortunate to work with Renfred Ng – Campus SuperStar 1st Runner-up《 校园SuperStar》Jovial Photography and Queen Ginya – female apparel.
As you can see below, our apparels, my lipstick color and choice of iMyBags handbags changed for a more mature look. But our hairstyles stayed the same. This depicts that it is common that a couple changes at any point in a relationship. However, some things don’t change that is our love for each other.
YSL small
Hermes medium Birkin
When you think of bags, you think of us.

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