Local Favourites On A Dough: Pezzo Launches Its First-ever Laksa and Rendang Pizzas to celebrate the nation’s birthday

Two Singapore favourites available starting from this 
National Day onwards

Pezzo is a pizzeria that thinks out of the box. In honour of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Pezzo has infused the classic pizzas with local sensibilities. It is proud to present its first-ever laksa and rendang pizzas! These two delicious pizzas are the culmination of Pezzo’s unyielding research and development efforts. 
Fun and novel, the two flavours marry well with Pezzo’s secret pizza dough. The Singa Laksa pizza features a medley of ingredients: crab meat, squid, tuna, prawn and tau pok! Laksa leaves are added to the mix for a final enlivening touch. This pizza will cater to the taste buds of those who love the authentic laksa taste!
The Chicken Rendang pizza is a tribute to the beloved dish —it will evoke nostalgia and stir cravings for home-cooked dishes! A potpourri of red capsicum, green capsicum, white onion and oregano chicken rests atop the pizza dough. This one is for those who love their food spicy.
Both pizzas will permanently join Pezzo’s carefully-curated menu of exciting and fun offerings. Each slice goes at $4.50 for Chicken Rendang and $4.90 for Singa Laksa. The price of the full pan is S$24.90. 
So head down to a Pezzo kiosk and enjoy our favourite national dishes on a pizza!
About Pezzo

At Pezzo, fun is a way of life. Our pizzas are inspired by the tapestry of circus life and they go by bold monikers such as “Big Daddy”, “Meat Munchers”, “Supremo” and “BBQ Bonanza”, just to name a few. Located in prominent shopping malls around the island, Pezzo Pizza is where customers can enjoy piping hot handcrafted pizzas baked daily with fresh and premium ingredients. Best of all, customers can enjoy different kinds of pizza flavours at one go as our pizzas are sold by slices! 

With Wilson <3

With Zelene!
With Wilson and Meryl.
Photos taken by Zelene Lee

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