J Studios Bernard Cassiere Oxygenating Honey Treatment

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.

William Shakespeare

This one was different. Having read my articles on the Oxygen and Chocolate facials offered by the inimitable J Studios, one might have thought, “How much better can a face look?” Blessed with a healthy dose of self-love, I may have surreptitiously uttered those words myself. Alas, the human face is not perfect. None of them. And they change. There’s the rub. Have a look at baby pictures of yourself if you don’t believe me. Ch…Ch…Ch…Changes.

Woke up on the other side of the world. #LoveFL

Posted by Janice Leong on Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fortunate to spend a week in Miami Beach recently, I saw those changes first-hand after days spent frolicking in the sand, Art Deco touring, and sipping pina coladas by the sea. I didn’t need to do any of those things. I could have just as well stayed in my swank hotel room with the lights dimmed and protected my face from the ravishes of sun and wind and sand. But, most assuredly, I did NOT! This girl was feeling Florida. And sometimes a girl’s face just has to join the rest of a girl that just wants to have fun.

However, Dear Reader, there are facial consequences for all that fun in the sun. I know. I’ve been there. Back home in Singapore, I – over dramatically and in iambic pentameter – asked myself, “Is this the face that launched a thousand ships?” I didn’t make up that question, but it was as apt as apt could be. My skin had lost a lot of suppleness and a good deal of radiance.

Help! Who am I gonna call?

J Studios.

J Studios Jurong Outlet

Founded in 2011, as a “home-based salon” J Studios has established a solid reputation in Singapore. No stranger to the salon in Haji Lane, I was ready to give the outlet in Jurong a try. On the second floor of an HDB, it has a quiet, private palace-like ambience made elegant with a golden theme recalling that Miami icon, Versace. Like its counterpart in Haji Lane, the salon celebrates the love of self. Is that too much? OK, let’s call it rather a perception of one’s appearance and of knowing how one’s looks affect the way one moves through the world and how others react. Hey, I’m waxing philosophical, eh? But waxing is another story. Today we are talking honey, Honey. 

J Studios Jurong Outlet treatment room

“By appointment only,” J Studios in Jurong enhances its skin care treatment by offering a delicious blend of Italian coffee to its clients. Is there a coffee facial? If so, Mr. Bernard Casseiere, would have explored the possibilities. But I digress. A line of skin care treatment products, Bernard Cassiere “… is known for their unique concept that combines: creativity, originality, modernity and yummy.” Yes, yummy! My tongue shot out to have a taste of the chocolate treatment. Before this afternoon was complete, I had also tasted the rich acacia honey as it worked its soothing magic upon my hungry face. I gave myself up to the experts as they attended to my beauty as I lay content in the arms of well-deserved indulgence. Yummy!

Acacia Honey Mousse Mask

Here’s how J Studios describe the process:

  1. Welcome Shoulder Massage
  2. Bernard Cassiere Lotion Cleanser
  3. Sweet Honey & Sugar Scrub – Honey to soften and smooth the skin, nourishing and stimulating. Sugar to eliminate dead cells, providing a smoother skin, and preparing the for next step of the treatment.
  4. Bernard Cassiere Toner applied.
  5. Extraction where necessary
  6. Royal Jelly Honey Face Massage – Soften and smooths the skin, oxygenating action for anti-aging, fight against radical burst.
  7. Acacia Honey Mousse Mask  – Slows down transepidermal water loss. Builds a protective film on the skin which guards against pollution and external aggressions. Calms and hydrates.
  8. Honey Oxygenating Care Cream – The cream contains a complex of propolis extract and shea butter, rich in fatty acids and vitamins for a well-nourished skin. The gel contains an exquisite extract of acacia honey. Its soothing properties are released only when mixing the two phases, resulting in a more luminescent skin.

“Honey” is the key word here. Research carried out by Bernard Cassiere and university colleagues in Limoges, France showed that acacia honey promotes skin regeneration by stimulating cellular renewal …”thanks to its composition with sugar complexes, vitamins and oligo-elements. The skin is more radiant and sounder.” Soothing and hydrating – just what my Miami face needed.

After Honey Oxygenating Treatment

Did it feel good? Was my face revitalized and radiant once more? Is being selfish once in a while rewarding? Is J Studios becoming Singapore’s premier skin care treatment salon? 


Having learned my lesson, will I now avoid sun, sand, and pina coladas?

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