Janiqueel X Princessa

A fashion collaboration with Princessa and photographer Paul Gor!  IMG_9392Wendy Darling Chiffon Blouse is all about peter pan collar with cutesy umbrella prints.

IMG_9434 IMG_9437 IMG_9441Embrace bold florals featuring high neckline, tied on the side great as an occasion dress.

IMG_9446 IMG_9468 IMG_9470 IMG_9479 IMG_9484
Kira rural wind V collar print chiffon dress is a kimono dress revealing sexy back.

IMG_9510 IMG_9524
Diana chiffon maxi dress is simply elegance.

IMG_9555 IMG_9588
Meagan strapless drape high-slit dress is a classy and sexy high slit dress in maroon red.

I love the helena colorful geometry shaped sapphire blue necklace which goes well with strapless dresses or tops.


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