Korean Brand Medicube - a One-Stop Skincare Provider

Janiqueel has a look into a skincare product line that helps solve dermatological problems when they strike.

“We Know Skin. We Study Skin. We Research Skin”

Medicube’s motto

Janiqueel asked the Medicube representative for more information about their extensive array of skincare and “skin concerns” products and received some insightful information about a brand that is making a big name for itself. An obvious starting point was the name, “Medicube”. Going for “medical grade” or “spa-grade” explained our interlocutor. Likewise, the Medicube website stresses the work the brand does in league with dermatologists and other skin care experts. “We know skin. We study skin. We research skin.” Fair enough. I’m still left a bit vague as to how “Spe-Grade” jives with the name. The “Cube” part will remain a curious puzzle, at least for Janiqueel.


There are a plethora of Medicube products divided into the type of care they provide:

  • Red Line for Acne Care
  • Zero Line for Pore Care
  • Cica Line for Calming
  • Blue Line for Hydration
  • Triple Line for Firming

Medicube.co.sg conveniently lays out the choices. A glance at the products within the care-types gives a good introduction to the Medicube brand:

  • Red Line for Acne Care – the Total Acne Care Red Line 4 set is a great way to start acne treatment. The set includes
    • Red Foam Cleanser to start with a perfectly clean face;
    • Red Toner to prep the skin. “Medicare’s best selling toner for skin hydration.”;
    • Red Serum with active ingredients to “solve skin troubles”;
    • Red Erasing Spot Serum to target blemishes;
    • Red Cream to provide a moisture barrier;
    • Red Erasing Cream to fade hyperpigmentation;
    • Red Capsule Suncream SPF 50, natural ingredients, non-greasy.
  • Zero Pore Pad + Zero Pore Serum Set 
    • Zero Pore Pad tightens pores and removes dead cells naturally;
    • Zero Pore Serum adjusts water balance; regulates excessive sebum; tightens pores;
  • Super Cica Ampoule + Blue Erasing Cream
    • Super Cica Ampoule contains super cica to heal damaged skin;
    • Blue Erasing Cream contains fourfold hyaluronic acid to hydrate external and internal skin.
  • Blue Capsule Hydration Kit
    • Blue Capsule Cushion for extremely dried skin, removes dead skin, moisturizes through complete coverage.
    • Blue Erasing Cream contains fourfold hyaluronic acid to hydrate external and internal skin.
  • Triple Collagen Duo 2.0
    • Triple Collagen Toner packs skin with the dependable moisture of raw collagen;
    • Triple Collagen Serum rapidly soaks into dry skin maintains an extra layer of moisture throughout the day.

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