Le Spa Review and Giveaway!

Le Spa is located in the peaceful corner of Club Street, providing an urban escape. It is perfect for those seeking relaxation after a hectic day at work. And you can always head down the road for pint of beer to finish the day! Even if you have to work overtime and worried that massage parlors are closed. Fret not! Le Spa is open 24hours.
I was welcomed by the friendly and cheerful receptionist, Amy. She made me feel comfortable almost immediately. Before stepping into the cosy massage room, I soaked my feet in a basin of warm water. The soreness from all the walking in heels were eased. 
All the long hours on computer has taken on toil on my shoulder and neck, a well-deserved massage is needed. The skilled therapist, Candy, paid extra attention to my tensed shoulder and stiff neck. After my 90-mins Le Urban Fusion massage, I felt rejuvenatedEspecially after a morning work out and long hours on the computer. Thank you Le Spa!

Interesting decoration
Hello Amy! 😀


Le Spa 
14 Gemmill Lane 
Singapore 069253
Tel: 6222 6803
Janiqueel worked with Le Spa to review the massage service. All opinions are the my own and were not vetted by the client.
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Contest ends 14 March, Friday, 2014.

Contest deadline extended! 31 March, Monday, 2014. 

Congratulations Candice Quek, Ashmika Jain and Shen Ny,  for winning an hour Le Urban Fusion massage session at Le Spa. 

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