Extreme Sailing Series™ Singapore 2014

Thanks Land Rover for the invitation to Extreme Sailing Series Day two!
The weather was perfect, a good breeze and plenty of sunshine too! This is my first time catching some of the action at on the second day of the competition on the Saturday.

Slapped on some sunscreen and went on one of the Extreme 40 catamarans and it was a stupendous experience. I was too excited I did not bring my camera on board. Dang!

What I can tell you is the sailors’ work wasn’t easy work at all! All the pulling of ropes and constant shifting of positions.

One of the sailors shared how to tell the wind direction and anticipate. The current, trees and simply ‘feeling the wind’ could tell where the wind was coming from.  

Alongside the racing there was a host of fun activities for the family as well as food and beverage stalls and best of all entry to watch the racing was free! 

There was a Kids Zone just for children which featured activities for children including educational exhibits that explain the science of sailing, different parts of the boats and how to tie a various knots. I learnt a lot too! 🙂  

It was thrilling and many a times when the catamarans were extremely close to one another I thought they were about the crash. Close shave. Phew!

We had a fun ride on the new range rover Evoque and range rover Sport at the off-road driving experience too!


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