Lil’ Giants for Little People With Big Dreams

Janiqueel finds sunscreen products for kids – just what she’s been waiting for.

I liberally apply sunscreen and wear hats.

Christie Brinkley

I’ve been waiting for this. A high SPF sunscreen that is specially formulated for kids. I suppose ordinary sunscreens would protect, but I want the assurance that the one I slop and slap (after slipping on a shirt) on my kid will be safe, environmentally responsible and soothing to parents’ conscience.

I found those qualities in Lil’ Giants Daily Sun Lotion and Daily Sunscreen. Marketing executive, Germaine of Lil’ Giants points out that sun protection should always be used by those, especially the little ones, who are in the sun for even short periods of time. Consisting of two vital parts, she advises that sunscreen is vitally important, but so is shade – hats, caps, umbrellas, trees, cabanas, pergolas, etc. Many of these are commonsense solutions to an age-old problem – enjoying the outdoors, but avoiding the unpleasant effects of too much sun.

Let’s start with that conscience-soothing paradigm. “Our company is committed to ensuring that no ingredients in part or whole are in any way tested on animals. With every batch that is produced, we ensure there has been no change in the source of supply of raw ingredients.” I like that. What pre-sale testing is done is done on only one animal species – humans. Even the children of the Lil’ Giants are gently drafted into duty as testers. Once the products have passed the tests, they are ready for sale. I like that approach. Personal and effective.

As well as safety for the users, Lil’ Giant is proud of its record on eco-issues. “Reef Safe and Environmentally Friendly” explains the website. The EWG – Environmental Working Group – ranks the ingredients on a 1-to-10 scale. 1 is the most environmentally friendly; 10 the worst. Lil’ giant “…sunscreens are crafted with ingredients that rank 3 or lower on this EWG scale.” That and the knowledge that no toxic chemicals are used provides comfort to parents trying to do the right thing for their children and for the world.

Another comfort is the lack of dozens of Lil’ giant products to choose from. There are TWO: Lil’ giants Mineral Suncream and Lol’ Giants Daily Sun Lotion. The Suncream is best for in-and-out-of-the-water expeditions. For a more sedate outing by the pool (not in it), Daily Sun Lotion will suffice quite nicely, thank you. It is NOT water-resistant. That makes it easy to apply and remove.

As I said, this is just what I’ve been waiting for; sun products that I can trust to be safe, effective and eco-friendly.

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