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Janiqueel looks at a line of fashionable face masks in Hong Kong.

…it makes that much of a difference when what you put on ur face is kind to your skin.

Founder of Masked by Myers, Manisha Hemrajani

With names for the EVERYDAY FROLIC line of face masks, you know right away that MASKED by MYERS INTERNATIONAL has a new take on face mask design. Dandelion, Cherry Blossom, Peach Dahlia, Hot n’ Paisley, Tulip, Viola Negra, Water Lily, Lotus, White Forest – those are definitely NOT names for your standard, white utilitarian masks. Of course, we want to do our best to be safe and to keep those around us safe, as well, but let’s do it with colours, fashion, and verve! Let’s do it with Masks by Myers!

In addition to the bright and appealing Everyday Frolic line (which is anything but “everyday”), Masked by Myer has LUSH and LUXE. The LUSH masks feature silk brocade patterns that are subtly rich with Far Eastern flair. The lining is 100% Egyptian cotton for a, well, lush feel against one’s skin. LUXE – “The Ultimate” has 100% Pure Silk Charmeuse

Interior and exterior for the ultimate in personal protection. It feels so smooth and soft you might forget to take it off when you reach home after a stylish day on the town. 

All the masks have a water repellent nano-coating which prevents the mask from absorbing much moisture, like condensation from breathing, for example. It does not, however, inhibit the breathability of the fabric. You can be assured that you can breathe normally in almost any situation in which you and your mask find yourselves. Providing additional tips for using the mask, Manisha Hemrajani offers this: “All masks come with adjustable ear tabs and a nose wire for a secure fit. The best way to wash the masks is by hand to keep the ear tabs and nose wire intact. Silk masks should be washed with water below 30 degrees and lay flat to dry. Avoid direct sunlight for a long period of time on the silk.” 

If maskne is an issue, Masked by Myers is the answer. Using high-quality cotton or silk, the masks are a gentle alternative to the sometimes scratchy and stiff commercial options. Washed frequently and gently dried, the masks will retain their shape and effectiveness for a long, long time.

Using the same high-quality materials and workmanship, Masked by Myers offers masks that are personalised – the kids will love these for individuals or for schools. Aware that not every face has the same dimension, the masks come in different sizes for children, women, and men. Check out the website for a handy sizing guide.  

Let’s be honest. We all wish we did not have to wear masks at all. Maybe someday we won’t have to. Until that day comes, though (and let’s hope it comes soon!), it is our civic duty to wear a mask. And if you are going to wear a mask, why not wear one that is attractive to the max? 

The Masked by Myers Mask Max!

Research and writing help by JKJ

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