Mr C takes a tour of KIZTOPIA PUNGGOL TOWN SQUARE and invites you along

Young Mr C writes about his visit to Kiztopia, with his mama and good friend, JKJ.
They all had a swell time!

My spelling is Wobbly. It’s good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.

A. A. Milne

Reading this, you may wonder how a four-year-old can write so much and so well. Full disclosure – I had help from Good Friend, JKJ and, of course, with hints from Wonder Mama. The thoughts are mine, though. Happy to express my reactions throughout our visit, I made a point of sharing my thoughts, sometimes loudly! 

Loudness was the first sensation I felt as we entered the gate, took off our shoes, and donned non-slip socks ready to PLAY BIGTIME! Kids music, like my favourite, B-I-N-G-O, the FRIENDS theme, and TOO MANY MONKEYS JUMPING.

We were ready to explore. The whole area is themed on SAFARI and we explored just like the heroes we were. Later on, in another room, I was able to put on a full khaki safari suit.

Once our shoes were changed for comfy socks, I headed for the Ball Pit. Just for kids? Oh, no! Mama and JKJ came into the pit right along with their Safari Leader – ME! Wherever we went kids and adults were playing and exploring together. Togetherness make the experience more fun, but it also gives the adults a chance to explain and react along with the kids. Psychologist, Howard Gardner has written about this in his books about multiple intelligences. I haven’t read it yet but have plans to in years to come. 

As I played, I learned. As I learned, I played. Great stuff!

Around the ball pit is an obstacle course that I loved, Climbing over barricades, squeezing through tight spaces, scrambling around fences was great fun. I did it many, many times, believe me. Mama did it. JKJ did it. But I did it the most, I’m sure. The course leads up and down over two levels. Exploring is the key. 

From the Ball Pit, we found the Fire Room. Here there is a squirter machine using real water. Big fire hose guns are aimed at a video fire. My favourite part of the room was the firefighters’ uniforms complete with reflective safety stripes and bright red hats. I wore mine for as long as I could. Also available was the safari suit – very nice, very nice, but it was the firefighting gear that stole my heart. 

I had it on when we went into the play kitchen. 

With wooden foods of all kinds and a real microwave and oven, it gave me the chance to cook up some great eats and share them with my companions.  OK, full disclosure, it was NOT a real oven or microwave, but I didn’t care. I had a ball arranging the wooden delights, putting them onto a baking dish and shoving them into the oven. “Delicious!” declared Mama when she tasted hers. “You are a good cook!’ exclaimed JKJ. With plenty of utensils and foods to go around, it was good to share them with the other kids who showed up. They shared. I shared. We learned while we played.

That’s just the beginning. I’m eager to visit Kiztopia again. When I do, I’m going to do exactly the same things. I enjoyed them all!


You can visit for more information.

JKJ and mam helped me with research and writing – Thanks, Pals!

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