A Practical Innovation for the New Frontier Wype Toilet Paper Subscription

After all, it’s a product that has been around for decades with little to no innovation. It’s a boring product that we find ourselves buying month in month out, lugging it all the way home – making it more ‘need to’ than ‘want to’. We decided if we could provide a service to tackle these issues at an affordable rate, we could build a sustainable business model. If we could couple convenience and affordability – we knew that a lot of Singaporeans would be interested. And judging by our growth – it is proving to be true.  

Bryan, founder of Wype

Yes, you read that correctly – a subscription service for toilet paper. It just may be an idea whose time has come. In these Covid days when shopping is changing radically, becoming more and more home-based, each little job that can be done or item that can be procured without going out makes good sense. That’s the vibe that Wype is capitalising on. We always need to tend to our TP supply making sure there is enough replacing it on the bathroom holders, doling out to more than one bath (if you are lucky enough to have more than one) and then resupplying at the grocery store. Then, especially if you are on foot or bicycle, it’s light enough for carrying but clumsy and ungainly to negotiate up and downstairs or on the aforementioned bicycle. 

But we all do it. Have done it for as long as we can remember. With Wype, though, it’s a new paradigm.

Here’s how it works:

  • You decide how many “bundles” you will need for a six-month period. The Wype website has a handy guide based on your family size.
  • At no extra cost, the bundles are delivered on a day designated by you to your door before the supplies are depleted.
  • You pay one fee at the beginning of the process.
  • If you find you need more paper before the subscription period has lapsed, just give Wype a call, and they are happy to top-up your supply.

Pretty simple, isn’t it. An idea whose time has come.

We asked Bryan about the cost of his service. He figures that at approximately $3.99 per bundle contrasted to $5-6.00 for the TP in most stores, you are saving money. Remember, delivery to your house is free. Great service at a good price — a smart consumer’s choice.

“Dermatologically Tested” is the phrase that the company uses when extolling the skin-safe properties of the paper product. That means it’s been tested in laboratories and deemed safe even for those with mild susceptibilities to rashes. 

Environmentally, Wype sources from Acacia Mangium and Acacia Crassicarpa trees. Carried out in Vietnam, the manufacturing process is certified to use the raw material wisely with as little environmental impact as possible. As yet, recycled paper is not a part of Wype. Fast-growing bamboo, though, is a source that is in the sights of product developers stay tuned.

Eager to tout the new-age nature of his unique idea, Bryan says, “…we do not just sell toilet paper, we are a lifestyle company – our subscribers never ‘buy toilet paper.”

It’s a brand new day for smart consumers — like YOU!

You can visit www.wype.sg for more information.

Writing help by JKJ

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