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Janiqueel and Mr C have a ball with a colorful wrist watch designed in Singapore, with parents’ concerns in mind.

I’ve always loved watches my whole life. When I was growing up, I always thought of having a great watch as that next step – of making it, of a rite of passage.

James Marsden

There’s no avoiding it – technology is a major part of our lives. Want to avoid it or steer your kids from it? Good luck with that. So, instead of railing against the ills of tech, you would be better off, more efficient to jump aboard and take your kids long for an exciting ride, but be careful. Don’t forget to BE CAREFUL! Danger lurks, but there are smart ways to avoid it and to teach kids how to avoid it, too.

myFirst Fone smartwatch is designed to do just that. Mr C and I jumped aboard and are having a ball with myFirst Fone in MACAW BLUE. No coincidence that macaws (according to National Geographic) “…are intelligent, social birds that often gather in flocks”.

Mr C is intelligent and, as he grows into early childhood, he is already becoming more and more social. Right now, keeping in touch with his mom is a priority. As time goes by, I know that Mama will not be the only name on the lad’s contact list.

That’s why setting up a smart device like myFirst Fone is an important part of this first step into tech. And it’s fun to go through the choices, showing the Kung tech-sister along the way what choice she/he has and how they make joining the world-wide-web can be fun AND a learning experience.

What to expect?

In school, the Fone has CLASS MODE which can be pre-set for the hours in class. No distraction allowed, myFirst Fone shows only the digital time of day. A smartwatch is also a watch – remember? Whether sporting Lavender Blue, Space Grey, or Mr C’s favourite, Macaw Blue, young scholars can still show off their new fashion accessory during class and wow their friends with the high-tech features on the playground or the walk home.

Furthermore, with GEO-FENCING, parents can set limits to those adventures. Showing guardians where the child is and, with a built-in SOS alert, we can be on top of a child’s activities without constant intrusion. This is just one part of the sophisticated geo-tracking suite, that offers safety and security along with enjoyable tech-learning.

It is also recommended for kids about 7 years-old of above, the R1’s sibling in the myFirst Fone range is the S2. Also available in three cool colour-schemes, the S2 is simpler and easier to manipulate for the beginner. With a square case and many of the features of the R1, this model is an excellent starter, especially if there is a younger relative waiting in the wings for the grooviest hand-me-down yet.

Moreover, both models are compatible with reasonably-priced subscription plans from your Singapore provider.

Mr C and Janiqueel are big fans of myFirst fone. We think you will be as well.

Research and writing help by JKJ

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