Mystery and Masks – Ms Morales Couture

Women find lingerie very intimidating. They’re very self-conscious. For that reason we have masks for our lingerie. Our models wears masks. When you buy our lingerie you get a mask with it. That way you can be whoever you want to be. It is all about having a safe place.
Pamela Yialas – Co-founder of Ms. Morales Couture

There’s a story here and it’s more than the tale of another line of lingerie. For starters, the entire product line is designed, manufactured, sourced, and supplied in Colombia. Then, there’s the masks. And the branding. Browsing the catalog turns up anonymous brand names like MSMC1, MSMC7B,MSMC11, and MSMC18. Furthering the mystery is the fact that there is only one size offered in any of the designs. Although plus sizes are in the planning, for now, fitting is a matter of adjusting the straps and clips until the fine lace and high-tech fabric hug the individual’s body in – if the website photos are any indication – extremely alluring ways.

Spoiler alert – there is no Ms. Morales, at least not at this company. It was founded by Pamela Yialas, ‘The perfect mix of Latin America spice,’ says their website. Eager to ‘Undress her dark side’ the partners see their products as libido liberating. They want the purchasers of the lingerie to make it part of themselves by adjusting straps and clips and also by adjusting attitudes and changing minds. Take a look at the masks and sultry models:

With a mask donned, one can, as Ms. Yialas says, ‘…be whoever you want to be. It’s all about having a safe place.’ I’ve done my share of lingerie shopping and on- and off-line. I have not, however, come upon a philosophy behind the straps, garters, thongs, bottoms and G-strings. Ms. Morales has one.

‘During the period I was there I saw how much Colombian women loved themselves. They make such an effort with clothes and lingerie. It was there that I learnt that as a woman it was important to love myself and take care of myself,” Pamela Yialas said.

‘The Alter Ego of lingerie’ ‘Undress Her Dark Side.’ proclaim Ms.Morales slogans. See what I mean? There’s suggestion and enigma in Ms. Yialas words, in the masks, and the anonymity of the branding. There is even a ‘Secret Membership’ available to the first 100 fast actors. I don’t know if the memberships have all been claimed. My lips are sealed.

As Winston Churchill said (not referring to lingerie, I believe), ‘It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.’ One could apply his words to Ms. Morales, though. The mythical young woman is pitching the seductive allure of the very sultry and provocative line of lingerie, to be sure, but ‘she’ is also deepening the mystery behind the mask.

Is she seducing you?

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