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The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

Dr. Seuss

With relationships to Save the Children and UNIDOS,

and a commitment to quality early reading experiences, the Story Tailors design and publish books with plenty of cred. My little page-turner, Mr C (Official Child of loves his Magic of my Name, the most popular of the Story Tailors titles. The artwork is engaging, the story is geared at the very young, and the personalisation is a bonus – Mr. C perks up every time he sees (well, hears) his name in the story and on the page.

In fact, the lucky Lad has both: The Story of My Name  and The Magic of my name. The latter relates a story built around the letters of the reader’s name. Each story is unique to the particular reader and positive attributes are given to the fortunate reader. For instance, young Jennifer’s book would be built around her special traits. Thus, Jennifer is:









So clever!

Not only is Jennifer enjoying the pre-reading experience, she’s picking up vocabulary. Reading, as my Friend, John, believes, is the most efficient and long- lasting way to increase vocabulary AT ANY AGE. John is a librarian. ‘Nuff said.

Not incidentally, the books are real. They are made from paper. They don’t have to be recharged. Their pages turn. There is nothing wrong with reading books online. I do it all the time. Mr. C does it, too. That said, books, real books, are becoming more and more objects of fascination. Soon they will be even less common and kids will look back at their early reading experience with a tangible book prominent. INHO, it is good sometimes to lure kids away from gadgets once in awhile. Believe, me, there will be ample opportunity to engage with technology later in life. You are NOT a depriver.

Samuel Packham, Business Development Manager of The Story Tailors, was good enough to generously respond to janiqueel’s questions. He touched on the pedagogical aspect of The Story Tailors, especially The Story of my Name.

All of the books are appropriate for ages 0-8/10 depending on reading ability. Story of my Name is much simpler and has smaller text, meaning it is more appropriate for young readers – while the other books have much longer texts, however, these books are beautiful keepsakes, hence why we say they are appropriate from 0.

Asked about other titles on offer, Mr. Packham supplied a neat list of imprints:

The Story Tailors main brand is My Magic Story which is made up of:
The Magic of my Name – our bestseller based on the child’s name

The Story of my Name – smaller books based on the names of family members (and the child in one book), and now a book based on the birthday of the child

My Magical Numbers – A larger more detailed book based on a special date e.g. birthday, first day of school etc.

My Magic Team – Personalised football books based on Liverpool FC and FC Barcelona which teach the team’s values and let’s you play with your favourite stars.

All, you’ll note are built on interactive premises; that’s the charm and the reading hook.

Thinking that these books could be effective classroom tools, I asked Mr. Packham about bulk discounts. He’s ready to negotiate. For starters, he responds:

Yes definitely!

For The Magic of my Name:
1st book: full price
2nd book: 5% discount off of the second book
3rd book: 10% discount off of the third book
4th book: 15% discount off of the fourth book
5th book: 20% discount off of the fifth book
For purchases over 25 customised books, we can give additional free books. Contact us via email.

They’re fun, these clever books, for Mr. C and me. Searching for the name, then emphasising it with pointing and spelling, referring to the eponymous alphabet attributes, and turning real pages all make reading together an interactive experience.

Teachable moments! Grab them whenever you can, especially those that involve reading. Likely, our copies of these to books will likely be around years from now as a personalised keepsake. Should Mr. C someday make a significant achievement, I’ll be there with a gift-wrapped copy of a well-loved The

Story of My Name. I shall sign it:










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