Ned Swim makes Playing Outside Safe and Fashionable

Janiqueel has a look at a line of swimwear for kids that finds the sweet spot between safety and hard-core FUN.

Our mission is to get kids playing outside again. To explore, engage and connect with the outdoors as well as other kids in a safe way. Our Kid’s swimwear range provides the ultimate sun protection that is comfortable, long-lasting and quick to dry so they can keep on going with what they like to do best – be kids!

Ned Swim

Conceived in the Netherlands where summer is fleeting and, often, quite grey and wet, Ned Swim somehow found itself in Australia where summer doesn’t fleet, it lingers, and where the sun shines long and bright almost every day. Here in Singapore, I like to get Mr C (official child of Janiqueel) outdoors as much as possible. With his swimming sessions, soccer practice, and just plain fooling around outside, he spends a good portion of each day in the sun. I‘m happy that he does. That said, it’s imperative to take some precautions when fun in the sun is a regular activity. With that in mind, Ned Swim is a great place to start those precautions.

As well as the premium outdoor clothes for kids that Ned Swim offers, I like the vibe behind the products. Environmentally aware, sustainably conscious the brand says, “But better, buy less.” Not a bad idea, especially these days when care for our planet is rapidly becoming an existential phenomenon. At Ned Swim, the designers are working to combine the Outdoor aesthetic of Australia with the down-to-earth practicality of Dutch design. It works. Mr C looks great as he ventures outdoors. I feel great knowing I have done my best to protect my kid. 

Most of us know that SPF means Sun Protection Factor found in sunscreens. Slap them on regularly – that’s my credo. UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is, perhaps less well-known. Measuring how much of the suns ultraviolet rays will penetrate fabrics, UPF is the key to the safety of Ned Swim’s outdoor fun wear. For caregivers, the beauty of clothes with UPF protection is that, unlike sunscreen that needs to be slapped on frequently, the clothes are good to go all day long. Start the romps at daybreak and don’t stop until dusk – except for frequent snack breaks of course.  

All this protection comes wrapped in delightful colours and patterns. Drawing admiring glances from his fashion-conscious contemporaries, Mr C wears either Fern or Rose shorts and combines them with his Ocean or Citrus rash guards. Certified UPF 50+ they (and Mr C) are ready for the challenges of each new day in the life of a four-year-old. Presented in unisex clours, the garments are naturals for mixing and matching. They are COMFORTABLE, as well. Just ask my young friend – if you can hold him down long enough. 

For girls, I’m especially fond of the Long-sleeve One-Piece Suit. One model has a built-in belt for added glamour. One of the available colours is PEACHIE. PEACHIE! How can you resist that?? I don’t have a little girl. If I did, she’d have the long sleeve One Piece Suit. Colour? You guessed it – PEACHIE.

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