Ninja Learners Offers Activities to Help Preschool Learners Explore and GROW

The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.

Alexandra K. Trenfor

Preschoolers are just itching to learn. All they need to do so is an interested partner to help show them opportunities to open their minds and hone the skills that lie untouched inside their teeming minds. Providing those opportunities is what the skill packages from NINJA LEARNERS are all about. Rather than get into say-and-repeat rote learning patterns, these interactive kits encourage children to employ skills and, by so doing, to discover that they can be a part – a big part – of their own learning.

Organized by age – 1-2 years old; 2-3 years old; 3-4 years old; and 4+ year old – the kits usually include attractive black and white drawings for colouring, English descriptive words, and some, ike the Zoo Animals set, have Chinese characters, as well. Encouraging kids to look at both languages and pronounce the same concept in each cannot start too early. Even children who can barely talk can hear. Hearing more than one language while looking at a picture is a highly effective send-off on the road to bilingualism.

Very early learners will enjoy TRACING alphabet letters and numbers. One kit even includes feelings (e.g. happy, sad, nervous, excited) providing a perfect chance to explore the feeling with facial gestures, examples, pictures, etc.

COLOURING AND DRAWING are a part of kits for slightly older learners. There is one for HANDWASHING – You can’t get much more contemporary than that!

The ALPHABET and NUMBERS are the base for several of the kits for more that one age grouping. The young students are not doing mathematics or writing, but they are seeing the shapes of letters and numbers and hearing them pronounced and used in sentences. The accompanying pictures, of course, can be traced or coloured. This is learning made fun, especially if parents, relatives, and friends are involved.

On a slightly higher pedagogical level, SEQUENCING, SORTING, PATTERNING, and MATCHING come into play especially in the set for 4+-year-olds. Presented in packs themed around holidays, sea creatures, fruits, animals, dinosaurs, and the ABC’s, they are all colourful and, often, multi-cultural.

With many kits to choose from for each age-level, the young learners will not quickly grow tired of the same ones. Creative parents and fellow teachers will the Ninja Learners provide jumping-off platforms for a multitude of teaching opportunities.

From the Ninja Learners website:

A child’s potential is limitless. For us, learning goes beyond the ABCs and 123s. Our learning kits also aim to mould character, build communication skills and social skills vital for the child.

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