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Janiqueel, with help from staff writer, JKJ, has a face-to-face look at NOUSH ORGANICS – nourishment for beards.

The abundance of beards in periods of social unrest, times of revolt or upheaval, should be noted. It’s the handiest way people have of making themselves mysterious.

Mihail Sebastian

Whether it’s the mysterious factor or just my personal proclivities, I like to see beards on men. Not all men. Not all beards. But, in most cases, I like the extra personality boost that facial hair gives a man. As I think you know, I am not a man. Nor do I have a beard. But I can empathize. I can relate to men I see with beards, or goatees, or moustaches. The Vandyke, the Chin Strap, the Soul Patch, the Circle, the Balbo, the Anchor, the Chevron, the Horseshoe, the Stubble, etc. There all kinds of beards out there. Depending on the man and the times and the level of mysteriousness desired, there’s something for everyone. Everyone, that is, who has the genetic ability to grow and maintain facial hair. Some of us have not that ability, as I mentioned earlier.

For a male perspective on the care of one’s beard. I turned to JKJ – staff writer and sporter of a Circle Beard Goatee and Farrah, founder of Noush Organics. Generous with their knowledge, the two gave an overview of Noush products and the benefits of their use.

JKJ: Honestly, I had never given much thought to the care, cleaning, and maintenance of my modest facial growth. Once I had tried all three of Noush Organics products, however,  that laissez-faire attitude changed. Dutifully, I began with the BEARD WASH. having heard of beard soap and/or shampoo before, I asked Farrah for an explanation of how beard wash, soap, or shampoo differed from the Noush product.

Farrah: Anyone who had proudly grown their * facial hair *knows that having a beautiful beard can require dedicated maintenance. In order to keep your beard looking and feeling its very best, you must use a series of products on a regular basis to ensure that your facial hair is healthy and clean. In order to keep your beard fresh and clean, you will have to decide between two different, popular products: beard soap and beard shampoo (also known as beard wash).

When it comes to beard soap vs. beard shampoo or wash, there is hardly any difference between the two with respect to the quality and the end result. The ingredients are identical, both products will soften your beard, clean it, exfoliate the skin and prevent dryness and beard itch.

JKJ: That said, once I had tried the NOUSH BEARD WASH, I noticed a difference in the texture of my facial hair. It was softer, more luxuriant, more tempting to touch. In these Covid-19 days, though I resisted that temptation and likewise advised the many people I encountered who, I could tell, wanted to touch JKJ’s circle goatee. As I looked into the mirror, I could see that there was a new glow to my face. Part of the reason for that glow was the wonderful aroma given off by the wash. Aromatherapy up very close and very personal!

To heighten the effect of the beard wash, I applied a couple of drops (actually, one would have done the trick as I learned upon subsequent applications. Now my goatee shone and, oh my, smelled delicious. Blended from essential oils, the ORIGINAL BEARD OIL is an olfactory delight. And there it is – a millimetre from my olfactory organ. As I roamed the streets and plied the busy thoroughfares of Singapore, I had that smell as a pleasant companion to my adventures and ruminations.

I had a similar reaction upon trying the AFTER SHAVE MIST. Refreshing, exhilarating, calming – am I going too far? I don’t think so. I felt great knowing that I had finally paid some attention to a part of my body – my face, for goodness sakes – that I had too long taken for granted. I learned.

Farrah was kind enough to provide cogent information on NOUSH ORGANICS. Here are some of her comments:

Handmade with love and care in sunny Singapore. All of our beard care products are made with only nice stuff; no nasty ingredients and made in small batches to ensure the finest of quality for your beard.

A simple blend of oils that work in harmony. We use oils that foster beard health and growth so that your beard can look its best.

Noush organics products contain organic ingredients. The term “organic” indicates at least 95% organic ingredients. The remaining 5% are allowed ingredients. Hence, we are not 100% organic and our labelling or packaging does not state so.

Thank you, Farrah and JKJ for providing valuable information and perspective on their experience with beards.

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