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“I like this town! Can we stay here?” That was Mx C’s reaction to the environs of the Ramayana Suites and Resorts Kuta as we pulled up for our long-anticipated stay. He was talking about the area which could justifiably be called “The Heart of Kuta”. 

A short walk would take us to the waterfront, the Beachwalk Shopping Centre, and the Kuta Art Market. Everything is close to everything else in the compact bustling city hub. No wonder Mx C was enchanted at first glance from the car ride. Me too. I could tell right away that we would be well-accommodated here in this beach community with a lifestyle all its own. And we still hadn’t seen the resort!

Once inside the earth-toned lobby rife with colourful silk accents, we were in another world. Muted by the lush vegetation, several gurgling water features and the intricate Balinese-inspired architecture, the Kuta town centre drops away. Instead, an aura of tropical calm pervades broken only by the occasional squawk from a parrot or cockatoo. But we could put up with that. Those birds have their own lives to lead, and we found their calls just one more jungle delight – in the heart of Kuta! At first, Mx C found their jabbering bothersome. Once acclimatised to the “jungle” though, he was enchanted by the atmosphere. “Hi, Birds!” was his eventual response to our new neighbours. 

When we were settled into our spacious tropically decorated Lumbung room, and when he had torn into his suitcase to find the beloved swimming costume and mask. He and I were ready for a quick swim in the outdoor pools. For a child who loves to swim, he was spoiled for choice. We tried both, of course. Mx C tried both several times. I was content to watch him jump from kids pool to adult pool. My treat? A spicy Bloody Mary, without the booze, from the poolside bar.

Both peckish after all the fun, we stepped back to our room (such a pleasant base for our forays). We didn’t hang long, though. Did I mention we were peckish? The Gabah Restaurant beckoned and we were glad to heed the call. My lunch was typically Indonesian and delicious. The chicken rice was also available – Mx C’s meal of choice. 

As our stay drew on, we (somewhat reluctantly) left the resort grounds and explored the many shopping and dining options just down the street. Having just turned five, the lad was a wee bit young for the Waterbom, a giant collection of water slides, but I could tell he was intrigued. Next time. OK? We had a ball exploring the Kuta Art Markets, a vast collection of local crafts and arts. Open all day, the market is at its best after dark when sellers and buyers get into the hum of activity. In the market and all along the street the aromas from a wide variety of eateries wafts. From street food to high-end restaurants and so much in between, one is never far from the delights of Asian food at its best. 

With its hand-painted signage, colourful stools and chairs and an ambience of casual fun, a joint called Fat Tony’s caught our attention. With burgers, quesadillas, hot dogs, sandwiches, and wraps it is just plain fun! Like so many eateries these days, Fa tony’s also offered a meatless burger. I tried it. I LIKED IT! Mx C was happy with his fries and a chicken wrap. To perch on those stools with good food and drinks and soak up the vacation vibe, was a treat, indeed. 

Living up to our expectations, the “little town” of Kuta Beach hit the spot for us two travelling buddies. With the Ramayana Resort and Spa Kuta as our homeplace, who, we asked, could wish for anything more. We had an exotic, eclectic, tropical ball!

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