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After a couple of years of uncertainty where travel is concerned, my five-year-old child (aka “Mx C”), and I decided it was time for a vacation. Not a staycation this time, but a real getaway to an exotic foreign destination. Yet not too far away – we didn’t want to spend a lot of our precious time in flight. Our choice? Bali! Away, but not too far away. Exotic, but accessible. Convenient, but still removed from our normal day-to-day hurley burly. Bali! Where to stay? Ramayana Candidasa called to us.

7AM stroll

Under a large rattan dome ceiling, the lobby of the Ramayana Candidasa Resort is a tropical greeting. Softly-lit, open-plan, with casual chairs and tables that set a relaxed mood. Staff, dressed in island batiks, eagerly greeted us through the efficient check-in and led us to our Studio Room. As soon as the door was opened, Mx C ran in to jump on the king-sized bed to check out the pillow supply (ample and fluffy) and the coziness potential (high marks). Then, he found the terrace where he reported, there was another lounging sofa, with an ottoman, more pillows, and a drying rack for our suits and towels. “And I can see the ocean!” Personally, I was excited to hear the ocean as nothing puts me in the beach resort spirit like hearing the waves break on a sandy beach and watching a soft breeze swaying the palms.  

The room’s fittings and furniture complement the Balinese ambience through tropical earth colours and designs. Traditional silken patterns are everywhere – on the pillows, in the wall pictures, and in the wooden screens. There is no mistaking – WE ARE IN BALI! 

Soon, our bags were open and Mx C had jumped into his swimming gear ready to hit the pool. I needed little persuasion to join in the fun. Perched just above the beach, the pool is lined with dark blue tiles emphasizing the cool relaxation that it promises. And it delivers. We jump in to splash each other and swim freely for longer than we usually do – at least 45 minutes. Then, under the soft white umbrellas next to the beach, we stake out a pair of loungers just right for our afternoon headquarters – we have both borough our books – then walking on the beach with our sneakers on – it’s hot – and then a snooze or two. In our beach bags, we’ve brought proper cover-up clothes so that we can visit the charming Garpu restaurant in the early afternoon. Elevated and surrounded by glass, it offers a panorama of Candidasa Beach and the sea beyond. After hours out-of-doors, the air conditioning is a treat.

 I’m thinking that someday, when Mx C is a bit older, we will return and take advantage of the biking and trekking opportunities that the resort had on offer. The half-hour ride to Tenganan Village would be a good start. Mmmmm – If I can find child care, I might just do it myself. Through the palm-fringed paths to an ancient village passing rural areas along the way sounds like a delightful not-too-strenuous way to have a taste of the Balinese countryside. Foot trekking along the rice paddies also catches my adventurous eye. I think Mx C and I could do it, at least for a little while. One passes the numerous rice paddies all the time while driving through Bali, but this would be a chance to actually get up close and personal with them. Another exercise option, this one closer, is the superb gym at the Ramayana Candidasa. Floor to ceiling glass affords views of the cool greenery outside while you cycle or lift weights inside. I gave Mx C a perimeter outside the glass where he could putter on his own, but within sight, for a little while while I toned up inside. The best of both worlds? Yup!

If one is longing to get away, the front desk is glad to arrange a short day or half-day trip to the nearby island just off Bali. For my adventure – again, with the help of babysitter which the resort can supply, I’m going to take a cooking class which begins with a visit to a local market and concludes with a delicious meal that I’ve made myself – with some expert help, of course.

We are loving Bali!

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