Playeum Presents The Inaugural Everyday Creativity Festival 2021

What comes to your mind when you hear the word creative? Is creativity just limited to the arts? What if we tell you that everyone has the potential to tap into the creative power within us and that creativity happens in our everyday lives more often than you think?

Playeum is proud to present the inaugural Everyday Creativity Festival – a gathering of community advocates, thought leaders and participants from diverse backgrounds celebrating new voices and fresh perspectives towards creativity and its relevance to our everyday living.

Happening from 18 November – 11 December 2021, the fully-digital festival comprises a delightful mix of guest sharing sessions, experiential workshops, and virtual play sessions for the young and the young at heart. Admission to all festival events is free and they are open to everyone; children, youths and adults.

The Everyday Creativity Festival will feature about 19 speakers (17 local and 2 international speakers) who will participate in 16 events across 12 days.

We are pleased to have renowned researcher and arts consultant Dr Barbara Piscitelli AM as the speaker of the festival’s keynote event – “The Art of Listening to Children”. From the culmination of her two-decade experience working with children and their communities in the arts and cultural sector, she will share insights on why children’s art and their perspectives matter.

Cultural change strategist and former two-term Nominated Member of Parliament Kuik Shiao-Yin will speak on how creativity can be a powerful leadership tool in “A Leader, Crisis, and Creativity”. Adding to the conversation in “One-of-a-Kind Childhood”, veteran award-winning ad man Calvin Soh will give a sharing on raising unconventional children in a creative household alongside his teenage son and daughter, Dylan and Ava.

In Playeum’s continuing bid to broaden its impact, we will present 2 experiential workshops curated for youths in Singapore. In the session titled “Turning Frustrations Into Passions”, social entrepreneur and founding member of Holo Tracker Ng Aik Yang will delve into the process of turning deep frustrations into creative and impactful projects for the community. Youths with an interest to work with young children can also look forward to hearing from Executive Director of Playeum Charlotte Goh and her team in “Engaging Children Through Play and the Arts”. They will share about their experience in building creativity and confidence in children through play and the arts in the last decade and what it takes to embark on this creative journey.

Playeum’s signature virtual play programme Playeum At Home will return as a 4-session series in the festival. In its third edition, Playeum At Home will continue to be a celebration of creativity and innovation as it invites children and their adults to experiment and create with everyday materials to solve real-life problems.

Other featured speakers/ presenters include co-founders and Board Directors of Playeum Sumitra Pasupathy and Jennifer Loh; 2019 Singapore Silent Heroes Award winner and founder of Artably Aminur Rasyid Mohammad Anwar; lead of Partners for Youth Empowerment’s Global Partnerships team Nilisha Mohapatra; co-founder of Little Philosophers LP Ngiam Li Yi; founder of Cultivate Central Nova Ceceliana Nelson; and local food brand for children HaruPlate.

Festival attendees are encouraged to share their experiences during the festival and moments of creativity in their daily lives on social media with the hashtag #Playeum and #EverydayCreativity for a chance to be featured on Playeum’s social media platforms. Search “Playeum” on Instagram and Facebook to find us!

The Everyday Creativity Festival is part of Playeum’s year-end fundraising efforts and the SG Cares Giving Week 2021 (1 – 7 Dec). Attendees are encouraged to donate to Playeum’s cause. ALL donations raised will go to our play and arts programmes with children from marginalised backgrounds and the communities we will work with in 2022. Every donation dollar will be
matched 1-for-1 through the National Arts Council Cultural Matching Fund.

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Admission for all events is free.

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