Pounce Fit – A Bouncy Personal Approach to Fitness

Janiqueel gives it a test drive and raises both thumbs

One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago, your body couldn’t do what it just did.

– Shape.com

As its name implies, Pounce Fit is different. Ernest Wong, a personal trainer, kindly answered Janiqueel’s questions. He was keen to emphasize that he and Pounce Fit, as a whole, emphasize an individual approach to personal training. “ If the client likes swimming and outdoor training and dislikes squats, we will tailor a program which has swimming and outdoor training.” Still encouraging squats, he makes them part of the holistic approach. “The client will love squatting eventually.”

No stranger to various fitness regimes and gyms offered in Singapore, janiqueel thought Ernest’s approach to fitness training had a motivational approach that had me smiling and laughing during my trial training session. Aggressive, in-your-face, fierce – NOPE!. Not part of Ernest’s modus operandi. Rather, he took the time to model MY routine to MY fitness level. Most of Pounce Fit’s clients, according to Ernest, are women looking for a goal-driven motivational program that will achieve a level of fitness that is achievable and FUN.

I like to think that I’m a reasonably fit, reasonably young, mother (of Mr. C – the Official Child of Janiqueel). Therefore I fit the demographic of like-minded millennials eager to shed some weight, fit into smaller sizes, and increase stamina. I’m pretty much where I want to be fitness-wise, but maintaining that level requires some attention and time-commitment. Pounce Fit is there for me and my peers. And did I mention, it’s FUN.

The eponymous “Pounce” is part of the goal-driven approach. Ernest says it’s like, “…a predator pouncing on its prey. We want clients to focus on the fitness goal that they set, lock it in, achieve it, and nail it.” With experience as a boogie bounce instructor, he decided to refine the fitness niche that he saw in more traditional programs. Hence, the trampolines to bounce and pounce on those goals. They provide a brand new experience – one that is intense, yet gentle on the joints. My joints, I like to think, are in pretty good shape. A slightly older freelance writer of my acquaintance, however, will from time to time point out that tempus fugit. As usual, he has a cogent point. Being conscious of joint health at my relatively young age will pay big dividends in the years ahead as I age ever-so gracefully.

As far as I am concerned it is Ernest Wong and his unique and personal approach to fitness that makes Pounce Fit a powerful player in the plethora of fitness program in Singapore. That said, I’ll give Ernest the last word:

Lastly what makes Pounce Fit fun is the trampolines which bring out the kid in every adults clients. Most importantly is the instructor and trainers whom ensure that every clients are given full attention and achieve their goals with a fun Filled motivating programs. Their results are reviewed every 3 months using Tanita machines.

Ready to bounce! Ready to pounce! Janiqueel is kicking it!

For more info: https://www.pouncefit.com.sg/

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