RSAF Open House returns with a fun virtual exhibition and interactive games

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Open House (ROH) returns after five years, and for this year; visitors do not have to leave their house to visit the airbase!

From 3rd to 19th December 2021, visitors; for the first time, can access a virtual static display of aircrafts and ground-based air defence weapons, a virtual exhibition all about the RSAF, while playing NEW online games, and watching a series of new RSAF action videos, featuring local celebrities – Gurmit Singh, Annette Lee, Rai Kannu, and more!

Registration is now open on their website,, and the open house will launch 3rd December 2021, 10:30AM.

Highlights of this year’s ROH21 includes virtual static displays of aircraft and ground based defence weapons, interactive games, avatars that you can customize and a range of activities and Live Streams for visitors to participate in. You’ll also stand a chance to win prizes by visiting the open house, participating in challenges and playing games in exchange for Stars – which can be used to redeem prizes and souvenirs!

ROH21 prizes include virtual RSAF medals and badges of achievements, limited edition ROH21 bags and patches, and the ROH21 teddy bear mascot, Captain Ted!


ROH21 has FOUR new online games ready for visitors to play, and the more they play, the more stars they will win to redeem prizes and souvenirs. They can also create their own avatar for the games! The themes and games are named after the RSAF, representing the different aspects of the Air Force.

R – REMEMBER Our Assets – an online memory game
S – SEEK Knowledge – a quiz game all about the RSAF
A – ATTACK From The Skies – where players get to choose from five different fighter jets in an aerial shooter game to defend against a host of incoming threats.
F – FORTIFY Our Bases – a tower defence strategy game where players are required to build up the base’s defence systems against incoming threats from the air, land and sea.


Exclusive videos with special hosts will be released on the ROH21 website, with some never seen before footages, featuring local celebrities Annette Lee, Gurmit Singh, Rai Kannu, Nicole Ng, and Jyotsnaa. Jayashankar!


ROH21 Creative Challenge

  • Encourage the public to be part of the ROH21 activities
  • Submitting a photo based on each challenge via email (
  • ROH21 Voting Competition on RSAF website on 13 Dec 21 onwards
  • Challenge submissions, completion and voters all stand to win prizes

Friday, 3rd December at 10:30AM: Official launch of ROH21
Friday, 3rd December at 11AM: SCRAMBLE THE JETS with Rai Kannu and Major Iskandar
Saturday, 4th December at 12PM: SEARCH & RESCUE with Rai Kannu and Freezer
Sunday, 5th December at 12PM: VIRTUAL BLACK KNIGHTS with Jyostnna and special guests.

RSAF Open House is open from 3rd till 19th December 2021.To access the Open House, simply register online via

Take flight and soar high at ROH21 in the comforts of your own homes this year with the RSAF! See you there!

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