The 35 Best Things to do in Sydney that You Can’t Miss

Think of a place in which you can have a little bit of everything. Think of beauty. Think of approachable and convenient places. Think of the city life and the calm of nature. That…is Sydney!

A place with spots, probably you didn’t know that existed. Beauty beyond words, and different experiences. A place where culture and adventure meet in the middle. Where you can have a good drink and fantastic food.

A place where you find art, but also the greatest gelato. Where you can sit and take pictures to waters where you can later try kayaking.

So, let’s take a dive into the amazing 35 Best Things to do in Sydney, that You Can’t Miss!:

1. Sydney Opera House:

Oh! Do I need to say more? Australia’s most iconic building! Meet on stage and backstage stories that go on in this fantastic place.

2. Quay: Yummy!

The city’s best restaurant with a superlative service team and the amazing peerless dress-circle harbor view.

Bondi Icebergs Pool Photo by Vincent Rivaud from Pexels

3. Bondi Icebergs Pool:

The most photographed ocean pool in Australia and Sydney’s most famous beach.

4. Cantina OK:

Who would have thought! Sydney’s tequila bar, the best available Margarita in Sydney and also fabulous Mezcal.

5. Manly Ferry:

An amazing treat enjoying the scenery of Sydney Harbour, passing by several places for you to delight yourself.

6. Bondi to Manly walk:

Wow! It is a mega-hike that connects several of the most popular coastal and inner-city walking tracks, passing through some of the city’s exxiest suburbs.

7. Bar 83:

This one is Sydney’s highest bar. A retro-futurist cocktail lounge and the highest place to drink in Sydney.

8. Sydney Harbour Bridge:

It is a real breathtaking sight. The latest addition? Scaling the full arch of the Harbour Bridge from end to end.

9. The Carriageworks Farmers Market:

A place where you can find plenty of fresh products, but the outstanding attraction are the artisan-made products (that really turn heads) also offered in food trucks or stalls.

10. Dharawal National Park:

An Indigenous walking tour with stunning scenery that you will enjoy as guided tours, by an Aboriginal discovery Ranger that will share local knowledge about flora and fauna, but also Dreamtime stories that connect Indigenous Australians to the area.

11. Lorraine’s Patisserie:

Australia’s most revered pastry chefs, known for the r sublime cheesecake, found at her patisserie, is a taste of perfect confection.

12. The Horny Lighthouse:

This beautiful corner of the city surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and stunning views to the west, at this amazing and with the cutest lighthouses.

13. Wendy’s Secret Garden:

This place has full views of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge. A place of enchantment.

14. Coat Hanger with Sydney:

Kayak and coffee tour? Sure thing! Along with the glorious photo spots, paddle through the harbour on velvety smooth water and stable kayaks.

15. Cow and the Moon:

A gelateria that defeated the title of the World’s best gelato in 2014.

16. Frankie’s:

Chow down on a slice of pizza, knock back a good beer and catch a gig!

17. Bronte Baths:

This ocean pool is popular for salty laps and pics of the amazing sunrise. Ready for you to admire and dive in.

18. Golden Century:

Sydne’s best Cantonese food since 1990! You can’t miss the pippies in XO sauce, which is the magnum opus dish, called the best dish in the world.

19. Royal National Park:

Go whale watching or hiking, swimming or trekking, do picnics and bike rides! You choose! With stunning coastline walks and beaches, natural rock pools and rock formations.

20. Museum of Contemporary Art:

To admire edge art on a local and international level! This place hosts exhibitions by huge international artists. You can also enjoy the rooftop café and its sculpture terrace with absolute superb views.

Bondi Beach Photo by Larry Snickers from Pexels

21. Bondi Beach:

Nothing like surfing a wave at Bondi, also including water safety, paddling and how to catch a good wave. After that, you could heat to a café at Porch, Parlour or Harry’s Bondi.

22. Ferry:

Enjoy a ferry to Cockatoo Island, the largest Island in Sydney’s harbour and set at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove rivers, with so much history to get to know on tours.

23. Hermitage Foreshore walk:

a complete 1.8 kms walk with such stunning views and also historic places.

24. Taronga Zoo:

It is a non-profit zoo, featuring 4000 animals and also threatened species.

25. The Art Gallery of NSW:

A cultural institution that holds significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art.

26. Sydney Fish Market:

the largest fish market in the Southern Hemisphere. Imagine the lunch time spot and also the kind of working pot.

27. Strand Arcade:

opened in 1892, was regarded as shopping centre architecture. One of the most beautiful to visit, with narrow, multilevel shopping arcade houses.

28. Door Knock:

A watering hole with hidden cocktail bars with impeccable services and great wine.

29. Coogee Coastal path:

A coastline you will walk with stunning beaches and people every stretch of the way.

30. Unicorn Hotel:

This one is the most resolutely Aussie joint in town. Try the Jatz crackers and French onion dip, also darts, a pool and a piano man sing-a-long.

31. Royal Botanic Gardens:

A great place to bush foods tour, and learning about Indigenous history of the land and the Gadigal people. Get to see stingless bee colonies, climbing Moreton Bay fig trees and juicy Davidson plums.

The Opera Bar Photo by Brett Stone from Pexels

32. The Opera Bar:

Enjoy a drink with world-class view at this emblematic place where beauty and convenience meet to offer one of the most enviably located bars.

33. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:

You can swim with sharks cageless experiencing placid creatures that will give you a curious eye as they swim by.

34. Cipher Room:

A beat the clock and one of the best escape rooms in Sydney, with three rooms to choose from to solve.

35. Plm Beach:

The ideal Australian package, a hot spot that is perfect for a relaxing day trip away from the city, where you can fish, paddle and kayak, with above all, whale watching!

So…as you can see, experiences in Sydney go way beyond any expectation. Different and unique ways to enjoy a visit to such a beautiful city. You can bear it by yourself or with partners and family! Things you wouldn’t imagine you would get to taste or be a witness of. In the meantime… just think about a place where you can swim with sharks, get the highest Margarita with the best gelato and a drop-jaw view. Just, Sydney!

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