Sailing through life in an afternoon with Royal Albatross

All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

In a symphony of synchrony, on a Sunday afternoon the gods smiled, the clouds parted, and Midshipman Me boarded the Royal Albatross with First Mate Mom and Able Seaman Mr C to set sail into the salty brine of the Singapore Straits. Motherhood was the motif of the tea-time cruise as it will be on 13 May when the luxurious four-master hosts a signature Mothers’ Day adventure. No ordinary harbor cruise, this is a nautical experience to be savored for a long time after the wooden cruiser reaches port.

All 22 sails billow and chuckle above the deck creating a seafaring ambiance even with the skyline of Singapore in view. Watching the many ships waiting to dock in Singapore Port, I’m struck by the juxtaposition of being aboard a ship suited to the early 20th century amid high tech cargo carriers of the 21st as our city of the future slides by.

Would 13-month-old Mr C (official child of enjoy sailing? Of course! This kid’s adaptable! The celebrated Mr C crawled and romped at high speed on the floors and sofas of the Grand Salon. Mom’s favorite locations were the open decks of the aft and forward decks. Hair blowing in the breeze, sails billowing above, family (my brother was with us, as well) near at hand – a mother’s heaven. A grandmother’s delight.

It was joy writ large to share this marine adventure with my mom. To be with her daughter, son, and grandson would have been a blessing any day anywhere, but to clip along under the sails drinking in the luxury and exotic surroundings of the Royal Albatross, was a family experience unlike any. Three weeks ahead of the official Mother’s Day, this was, nonetheless MY MOTHER’S DAY!

Later we enjoyed a glorious high tea buffet spread. While two talented women in the Grand Salon entertained, we dined sumptuously. Drinks and plates in hand (careful there, Matey!) this was family-time at its best. Relaxed and exhilarated as we watched the world go by on the other side of the hull – what a day! Mr C enjoyed the music as much as any aspect of the trip. He danced to the beat and wriggled and squirmed happy to be aboard this floating playground amid fawning relatives. The kid’s talented. Takes after his mom. I know I’m talented – and pretty. Thanks for the confidence, Mom! To quote myself in an Instagram post, “As Sophocles says, ‘Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.’ And I couldn’t agree more. Single parenthood is not for the faint of heart. And Mr C is in good hands.”

Mother’s day would be a grand occasion to sail the Strait aboard the sumptuous surroundings of the Royal Albatross. The proud lady sails regularly throughout the year, though, offering high tea sails and sunset cruises. For the really brave, a mast climb is offered, as well. Not for Mr C – not yet, anyway! Maybe for mom and grandmom, though 

Our Teatime ended just as the sun was bidding farewell to a fabulous day. Watching the city lights twinkle to life on an April evening as the sea around us darkened, was quite simply magical. Being with my mother and son for this rare experience was quite simply miraculous.


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“hark, now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

– Van Morrison


A mother’s love: there’s nothing quite like it. I got to grow up with a #mother who taught me to believe in me. My mother is a walking #miracle. As I chose the path of single motherhood, a relentless journey, I know I am never alone with her by my side. ❤ . As Sophocles says “Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.” And I couldn’t agree more. Single parenthood is not for the faint of heart. And Mr C is in good hands. . From wiping indiscriminate goo from your #newborn face to helping you understand what taxes are, mothers are usually busy making today your day. So this Mother’s Day, give her more than a card. Please. It may be a big bouquet of flowers, but how about giving her a day she’ll remember? 🚢 . Make this year the best Mother’s Day yet! . Stay tune to my full #story with @RoyalAlbatross on

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