Savour Singapore in Every Bite at the Singapore Food Festival 2017

In celebration of Singapore’s flavours, local chefs Malcolm Lee and Willin Low collaborate for the first time; immersive dining experiences with a Singaporean twist await and our local food heritage is honoured at SFF 2017

The Singapore Food Festival (SFF) 2017 is back for its 24th edition. Taking place from 14 to 30 July, this year’s SFF pays tribute to all things Singaporean, and locals and visitors alike can look forward to a delicious spread of both traditional and contemporary Singaporean flavours, interpreted through the palates of our home-grown culinary heroes. Themed “Savour Singapore in Every Bite”, the festival will feature up to 20 gastronomic experiences that celebrate our heritage and flavours, and honour the people who work passionately to keep local culinary traditions alive.

Ms Ranita Sundramoorthy, Director of Attractions, Dining and Retail, Singapore Tourism Board (STB), said: “Food is tied so closely to our identity of being Singaporean. One dish alone can tell stories of passions, struggles and of our heritage. As the only event in Singapore dedicated to showcasing local food, we wanted to go to the core of what it means to be truly Singaporean and enable visitors to savour Singapore in every bite.”

With a range of tantalising dining events lined up for SFF 2017, the celebration of all things local will be brought across not just through the food on offer. Ms Sundramoorthy explained: “At this year’s SFF, for example, dishes won’t just feature local flavours, but also local ingredients. We are also excited about the various partner events that highlight Singapore’s culture and history, such as heritage food tours, talks and dining experiences.”

Island-wide Culinary Events according to Foodie Profiles
This year’s festival also shines the spotlight on four different Foodie Profiles1 and the SFF events that exemplify them. The four profiles are: the Gutsy Gourmand who lives and breathes modern cuisine; the Traditional Taster who believes there’s nothing like old school fare; the Culture Craver who embraces all things local; and the Art Addict who appreciates creativity not just in food, but in art form as well.

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