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Janiqueel discovers a unique lingerie provider

Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.

Alice Temperley

With a huge selection of lingerie and outer clothing, LOVER=BEAUTY is a giant of the industry offering fashion-conscious consumers exactly what they need to look and feel their best. 

From an eye-popping array of provocative lingerie in many, many styles and sizes (plus sizes a speciality), to smart dresses, cute swimwear, cosy sleep fashions, yoga leggings and workout outfits, LOVER-BEAUTY has something for everyone and for every activity. 

Once upon a time, shapewear was akin to torture. Alas, and hallelujah, those days are long gone. Now neoprene cheap shapewear is comfortable, affordable and easy-to-use. As in its other product line, LOVER-BEAUTY offers multitudinous shape-enhancing synthetic products. Take the popular Neoprene Waist Trainer, for instance. Producing a sauna-like effect the trainer promotes sweating and weight loss. One can wear it around the house or when working out inside or outside. Not only does it work, but it’s also cute!

Neoprene Body shaper work much the same way but are suitable for wearing under other clothing to slim one’s tummy, enhance the butt, or enhance the bustline.

Doing all at once, sleek and soft best full Body Shapers are so unobtrusive that you can wear them under a variety of clothing choices and look terrific. Most commonly in black or beige, the shapers will match most dresses or pants – like the many available at Love Beauty!

For retailers, LOVER BEAUTY specializes in the DROPSHIP method of product logistics. Minimizing risk to retailers of any size, the method provides products on a consignment basis – no need to pay for the items until they are sold. It’s slick and modern and high-tech and It’s win-win all the way!

Secret inner glamour and a modern business model – LOVER-BEAUTY.

Research and writing help by JKJ.

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