The Importance of Mercedes Service for your Car

Every car depreciates over time, but the rate at which it does matters mostly on how you take care of it. Mercedes model functions flawlessly, but it is vital to maintain it if you want a long-lasting performance. Routine maintenance from the Mercedes service center is essential for efficiency and safety with longer life. The importance of servicing at authorized center is discussed in the section below.

Why Opting for The Mercedes Service Center Is A Good Idea?

  • Latest Technology

When you visit the authorized Mercedes service center, you can expect to get good service. This service is possible as they use the latest technology. Besides, they use careful methods and OEM parts to service your vehicle. You may think that the oil changing part can be pretty straightforward, and you get lazy and get it done by locals. But proper oiling of the engine is necessary for optimum performance. Failing to which, you can face problems like overheating, warping, and excessive wearing and tearing. The chance of sudden engine shutdown increases.

  • Always buy Genuine Mercedes Parts

Mercedes engineers have spent a large amount of time selecting top-performing parts and lubricating products. They provide guarantee that these products perform highly over years and carry outstanding durability over other products. The Mercedes service center provides approved and genuine Mercedes equipment to give you safety and peace of mind. These products ensure that your engine is free from sludge, particulates, and other contaminants. If you choose regular parts or non-approved parts, you may have to deal with mechanical components issues later. You will suffer from damaged seals, coating, and surface. They build emission-related problems and result in sludge creation.

Further, if the centre follows the aftermarket flushing technique, it can cause contaminants pushing past valves and closed seals. For making your vehicle perform as build or design, it needs factory recommended products.

  • Warranty Issue

If your car needs servicing under the warranty period, think little and straightway go to a genuine Mercedes service center. Sometimes the service center does not provide service to the vehicle if you have mended it from a local. It is not about attitude; it is about the damage already done to your car. Therefore to avoid the issue, keep visiting the authorized center at least when it is under warranty.

  • Considerable Resale Value

When you are trying to resale your vehicle, you can benefit from getting your car serviced at an authorized service center. Visiting your authorized service center for servicing creates an explicit service database, which becomes very handy during resale. After servicing it for 80,000 kilometres in an authorized Mercedes service center, you switch to local servicing, your service record will not get verified successfully. So visit a genuine service center only.

The Threat of using Local Mechanic

The most significant disadvantage of using local service for your Mercedes is that they may use trial and error to fix your vehicle. This trial-and-error method works 95% of the time, but what about the

remaining 5%? Do you want to take that chance? When it does not work, it completely ruins the functioning of the car. They may not have an idea how to fix this particular issue.


There may be many points that can tempt you to opt for local services and parts. But remember the above points mentioned, it will make your decision crystal clear. It is advisable to choose a Genuine Mercedes Service center as there are many other factors other than cost that matters when it comes to premium cars.

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